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Rules & Regulations/R300







The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Raceboard Class voted to develop a new "hybrid" class based upon these three principles.


The object of the R300 Class is to establish a Class as one in which many different types of production windsurfers, already available internationally, can compete.

They are classified as a Raceboard, but as 'hybrid' designs they are shorter than 'longboards' and have been found to be incompatible when competing against modern longboards.

Furthermore, it was decided that costs must be kept to a minimum, that any R300 equipment should be inexpensive, durable, easy to use (and transport) and readily available.

R300 hulls are manufacture controlled and shall only be manufactured by ISAF registered manufacturers for the International Raceboard Class.

Raceboard hulls may, after having left the manufacturer, only be altered to the extent permitted in Section B of these Class Rules.

Equipment must meet certain design criteria before being accepted on an Approved List.

Booms shall be made of aluminium (not carbon); masts shall have a limited carbon content (80%); the maximum sail size shall be 8.5sqm with a maximum of 8 battens and 3 camber inducers.

Rules regulating the use of equipment during a race or event are contained in Section B of these Class Rules.


In this document you will find a simplified explanation of key elements within the Class Rules.

Class Rules are 'equipment' rules that explain any limitations on the amount and type of equipment you can use for an R300 event; and contain any regulations governing the use of that equipment during an R300 event.

The R300 Class Rules are defined as "CLOSED Class Rules - where anything not specifically permitted by the Class Rules is prohibited." Or, explained another way, " ....where if it does not specifically say that you may, then you shall not." Any doubt you may have about this definition, or other specifics of the class rules, please contact - raceboard@internationalwindsurfing.com


Equipment approved for use in an R300 event has been added to an Approved List. Only equipment that is currently being produced by brands for use in "one-design" class racing has been approved and a summary sheet of R300 Equipment Specifications is available.


Here you will find further information about the brands participating in the R300 programme - including a webpage link from the brand name + a link to an information sheet and # 'public price list'.

Bic Sport Techno 293 One Design : + info sheet # public price list

Neil Pryde RS:One : + info sheet # public price list

Starboard Phantom 295 : + info sheet # public price list

Surfers Group 272 Sportsman : + info sheet # public price list


It is planned to present the R300 Class Rules to the 2015 AGM for approval or amendment; with a view to "locking in" the Approved Lists for the next 2 years (2016>2017). Therefore, the first revision of Class Rules & Approved List could be activated from 2016; with the next revision activated from January 2018.

National Associations may wish to expand the Approved List for their National events and championships; these Class Rules and Approved List apply to international events of the Raceboard Class.

For further information and questions contact - raceboard@internationalwindsurfing.org

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