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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2014 AGM

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Raceboard Class Association

Date: Thursday 25th September 2014.

Venue: Club de Vela Blanes, Girona, Spain.


1. Delegates and observers were welcomed to the meeting.

Paul Leone, Class Chairman, sent his apologies for not being able to attend this year, and proposed that Ceri Williams, Class Secretary, chair the meeting.

The register of delegates and email votes was as follows:

Fernando Consorte - committee member present
Marc Cardon - committee member present
Paul Leone - class chairman, email vote
Sam Wong - committee member, email vote
John Ellis - committee member, email vote
Jean Francois Reggio - committee member, email vote
Argentina - Gustavo Almenara
Australia - Greg Macinnes
Czech Republic - Radim Kamensky
Finland - Juha Blinnikka
Great Britain - email vote
Italy - email vote
Latvia - Vita Matise
Netherlands - Eric Kling
Poland - Max Wojcik
Slovakia - Patrik Pollak
Spain - Mark Leutscher
Tunisia - Nayl Driss

Ceri Williams - held the proxy vote from Murat Tuten, committee member, however, it was decided not to use that vote unless required.

With 18 votes present the meeting was declared quorate.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting - there were no matters arising.

3. Chairman’s Report

Ceri Williams delivered a brief report on behalf of the Chairman.

It was in many ways another successful year for the class with a near record entry at this year’s worlds (116 entries and 14 races), and a good entry for the Europeans held in Sopot (60 entries and 14 races).

Continental Championships had also taken place in Australia (Oceanics - 24 entries) and Argentina (South Americans - 31 entries); an African championships will follow in December, in Algeria.

The Youth and Masters Worlds organiser has yet to be contracted but it is hoped to find a venue for the end of the year.

4. Financial Statement

Ceri Williams outlined the accounting structure of the IWA and the class. The Raceboard class delivered a small surplus from activity in 2013. If this could be maintained, or increased, the class would have a small budget for class projects in 2015.

2013 Statutory Accounts - Directors Report/Financial Statements submitted to Companies House
2013 Management Accounts - Class Income & Expenditure; and Balance Sheet
Note - from the Surplus shown there must be deducted a share of the IWA staffing costs.
5. Class Rules - there were no proposals to amend the Class Rules.

6. Class Championship Rules 

(i) The proposal to update to CCR 8.3 - Group Racing - was approved: 15 YES/3 NO
(ii) The proposal to revise CCR 10 -
Arbitration System - was approved: 18 YES
(iii) The proposal to amend CCR 10 -
Discretionary Penalties - was approved: 18 YES

7. Future Championships and venues

(i) 2015 Masters Worlds - Sopot, Poland, 15-20 June
2015 South American Championships – Paracas, Peru 7-12 December
2015 African Championships – Algeria tbc

(ii) Spain presented 3 possible options (venues) including a 2015 Europeans in Cadiz.

(iii) Australia were not able to commit to hosting a 2015 Worlds; it was agreed the class should look forward to (and plan to) conclude a Worlds contract for November 2016 in Brisbane.

(iv) Sopot (SKZ) were offered the option to host the 2014 Worlds instead of the Masters Worlds - they have accepted the offer.

8. Any Other Business
(i) It was agreed that the RB Class should continue to develop a new hybrid class based on equipment that is “minimal cost” and would exclude expensive options eg RSX. A fleet start would be included as an option at future championships as an additional and new class, not a division of the RB championship.

(ii) It was agreed that the development of youth and senior age group sailors was a priority; and it was evident that there was a slow but definitive growth in these divisions. Expanding the raceboard championships into “festival“ events for daggerboard classes (old and new) could only advance this trend.

(iii) REDRESS. It was agreed that the class committee should prepare a policy which could be adopted at 2015 championships and be ratified and/or amended at next year’s AGM.

Meeting closed at 22:30hrs

View minutes as pdf

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