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Registration Day / Day One / Day Three  / Day Four / Day Five

 Registration Day Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Day Four / Day Five


Posted On: 16/06/2012 15:58:21

Racing at the Raceboard Worlds is over. Final results are in.

After a long postponement it was only possible to do one race on the final day ......( more )                 

Posted On: 15/06/2012 20:10:10

Clear skies and a light, but promising breeze, were soon replaced by fog and no possibility of starting racing at the Raceboard Worlds. AP finally came down......( more )

Posted On: 15/06/2012 08:29:38

Max Wojcik, POL 7, appears unbeatable as he has won all eight races of the competition so far, and Patrik Pollak, SVK 1, has taken second in all eight. ......( more )

Day One Racing
Posted On: 12/06/2012 17:39:57

At close of registration 46 competitors had registered. In addition to the strong Finnish contingent, there are competitors from 10 countries representing 4 continents, including representatives from Japan, Argentina and Australia. ......( more )

Raceboard Worlds 2012!
Posted On: 10/06/2012 06:30:50

The 2012 Raceboard World Championships kicks off in Yyteri, Finland this week where World Champion Patrik Pollak, from Slovakia, took his third Raceboard European Champion title in 2011. Fantastic racing conditions allowed thirteen races ......( more )

Venue of the 2011 Raceboard Europeans!
An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event

 Notice of Race
View Organiser's presentation / Welcome to Yyteri

Hybrid charter for Raceboard Worlds

For the Yyteri World Championship in Finland we also have the new Starboard Phantom 295 (310 Hybrid) available for charter.

There will be an additional prize division of "hybrid" - awarded to the top 3 finishers in the overall, world championship, rankings. ......( more )

Exocet charter for World Championship

The organiser of the Raceboard World Championships in Finland is pleased to announce the availability of Exocet charter. ......( more )

Phantom 377 's available for charter at 2012 Worlds - apply now!

Starboard are supplying boards and rigs for charter at the Worlds to be held in Yyteri, Finland in June 2012.

If you wish to charter please apply NOW - do not delay!......( more )

The home of the Finnish Boardsailing Association is located in the beautiful Gulf of Yyteri, located very close to the city of Pori on the west coast, 250km from Helsinki and 150km from Turku.

Yyteribeach, one of Finland's most beautiful sandy beaches, is about 4 km long, with shallow water and a sandy bottom. The best wind directions for Yyteribeach are from south-southwest to west-northwest (155°-295°). The ultimate best would be the west wind, which gathers surfers from many parts of Finland.

Near Yyteri Surfcenter you will find both accommodation and food services. Just beside there lies Yyteri Spa Hotel and Yyteri Camping. In Yyteri area you find lot of other activities like golf, volley ball, riding, cycling.

More information on Yyteri: http://www.yyteri.fi/

Click here for a detailed map for Yyteri

Meet Event Director - Anne Karki

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