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Raceboard Worlds - Champions declared!

Patrik Pollak (SVK 1), Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) and Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) have been declared men's, women's and youth champions at the end of the Raceboard World Championships 2011.

Only one race today in very light winds - the leaders in each division before today's race all won today.

Final Results

It was a tough battle for Patrik Pollak (SVK 1) to take the Men's World Champion title. Curro Manchon (ESP 9) had a flying start with two bullets before Patrik took the next three wins. Tension mounted as Curro took the following three races but Patrik finally took control winning the last four races of the championship. Co-organiser and competitor,Toni Colomar (ESP 66), started as one of the favourites for the title but will no doubt still be pleased to have a place on the podium.

In the women's fleet, today's win meant that Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) finished three points ahead of second placed Maria Domingues (ESP 11). Maria gave Harriet a run for her money by winning four of the races. 14 year-old Mar Lacambra (ESP 543) did really well to come third overall.

17 year old Santi Arteaga dominated the youth fleet throughout the championships. Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) also 17, second overall, won race 5 but his battles were with 19 year old Benjamin Coisne (FRA 259) who finished third and Toni Bonet (ESP 70) aged 15 who had a brief spell in the bronze position but finished fourth overall, 1st Junior.

The organisers have done a fantastic job here in L'Hospitalet deL'Infant - a good team with many enthusiastic volunteers - many thanks to them all.

Raceboard Worlds - Just One Race on Day Five

Only one very light wind race was possible this afternoon - it was late afternoon before racing eventually got underway.

Equipment failure forced ESP 9 to retire from today's race so podium placed sailors in men's fleet remain as Patrik Pollak (SVK 1), Curro Manchon (ESP 9) and Toni Colomar (ESP 66).

Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) consolidated her position as overall leader in the women's fleet with a win today; Maria Dominguez (ESP 11) is comfortable in second, with Mar Lacambra (ESP 543) in third place.

Only one change at the top of the youth fleet - a bullet from Junior Toni Bonet (ESP 70) moved him up to third place overall, behind Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) and Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5)

Saturday is the last day - podium places could change!

Results after 10

Raceboard Worlds - Marathon Race

After approximately 75 minutes the first three finishers of the long distance race were - SVK 1, ESP 66, ESP 9. Leading the women over the finish line it was ESP 11 ahead of GBR 607. Wind for the start was 12-14 knots and just this one race was planned for today.

No change to the Youth overall positions, Santi Arteaga maintains his perfect score. However, in the ladies fleet, today's win by Maria Dominguez brings her a point closer to Brit Harriet Ellis.

Tension builds in the men's fleet however, as Patrik Pollak and Curro Manchon are on equal points!!

Full results / Marathon Result

Racing will continue tomorrow - two more days to try and complete the 15 race series for the championship.

The furthest mark was over 2 nautical miles along the coast; two laps of the course and a finish off the beach. 8.5 fleet (youth and women) started first, followed by the 9.5 men's fleet.

Good conditions for three more races on DAY THREE

What a battle we have for the Raceboard Men's World Champion Title! After three more races, 2 bullets and a second puts Curro Manchon (ESP 9) back at the top, one point ahead of yesterday's leader Patrik Pollak (SVK 1). ESP 66 Toni Colomar sits comfortably in third place. First Grandmaster Juha Blinnika (FIN 6) has pulled himself up from 9th to 6th overall.

Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) is still ahead of Maria Dominguez (ESP 11) by two points but again it is an interesting battle.

Second placed youth overall Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) took the first bullet today but Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) has a perfect score after 8 races (1 discard) and is 8 points clear ahead. In third place Benjamin Coisne (FRA 259) was on equal points with Toni Bonet (ESP 70) at end of play the day before but has now pulled ahead by two points. Toni is first junior.

Full results

Skippers meeting tomorrow at 13.00 with first possible start at 14.00. The plan is to start a long distance race tomorrow afternoon.

DAY TWO - 3 Races

A light offshore breeze greeted competitors at the start of day two of the raceboard world championships but it was looking good for racing. The plan was for two races back to back, a short break, then one or maybe two races in the afternoon. However, with the wind increasing a little, 3 back to back races were completed today with only a short break on the water.

Patrik Pollak (SVK 1) has found his form, winning all three of today's races which puts him at the top of the leaderboard, 1 point ahead of yesterday's leader, Curro Manchon (ESP 9). Toni Colomar (ESP 66) maintains his third position but the gap is widening. Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6) is first Grandmaster in 9th place overall and fellow countryman, Kai Mannisto (FIN 50) is first Veteran.

Brit Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) heads the ladies fleet with two bullets today against Maria Domingues' (ESP 11) one win which puts her clear ahead by one point. These two are clearly going to have a tough battle for this championship title.

Over in the youth fleet, Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) has a perfect score winning all three of today's races. He is now 5 points clear ahead of Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) who is three points ahead of Benjamin Coisne (FRA 259) in third place. Toni Bonet (ESP 70) is first junior - on the same points as Benjamin but in fourth place after the discard rule comes into play.

The first possible start tomorrow is 12.00 - and possibly we will do the long distance race

Full results

DAY ONE - 2 Races

70 competitors from 15 nations representing 4 continents have registered for this championship. Hosted by Club Nautico Hospitalet Vandellos we had a very nice opening ceremony last night. Co-organiser and competitor,Toni Colomar, starts as one of the favourites for the title, but will face tough competition from ESP, GBR, FRA . . . after 2 races he sits in bronze position.

Fellow countryman, Curro Manchon (ESP 9) took two bullets and sits at the top of the leaderboard with Patrik Pollak (SVK 1), 2011 European Champion, in second place with two seconds today. Patrik is first Master.

Similarly in the Youth Fleet, Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) also took two bullets and Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) took two seconds. Toni Bonet (ESP 70) is in third position overall.

After 2 races the top 3 women are Harriet Ellis (GBR 607), Maria Dominguez (ESP 11) and Mar Lacambra (ESP 543).

Full results / Pics by Aerolite Sails

Racing continues tomorrow at 12.00

Attention all youth racers! This year's event includes the world championship for the youth division of the Raceboard Class; youth racers are reminded that both longboards and hybrid boards are eligible to compete in this championship.

L'Hospitalet de L'Infant prepares to welcome the Raceboard Worlds

L'Hospitalet de L'Infant, situated in Tarragona (Catalunya), gets its name from an ancient hospital which is still preserved today, built in the 14th century for Blanca DAnjou, wife of James 1st, and his son. In 1973 a group of people passionate about the sea founded Club Nautico. The club has grown steadily , and regularly hosts international championships.

You will find more information about the club here - http://www.cnhv.net/pag_club_eng/cnhv.html

Also information about the town and the stunningly beautiful surrounding region from the Tourist board -

" Our town is straightforward, pleasant and welcoming, like our people; and I, as President of the club, invite you to discover this country of crystal clear water and ideal climate. Come, we are waiting for you " - Liuis Coll Braut.

Notice of Race

Event Brochure:

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