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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2010 AGM

Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the
International Raceboard Class Association
 held on Sunday, 25th July, 2010 at the Cercle de Voile de Martigues, France.

1.  Welcome, and registration of voting delegates and email votes.

The Chairman, Paul Leone, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.
The following votes were recorded:
Paul Leone – Class Chairman
John Ellis – committee
Jean Francois Reggio – committee
Sam Wong – committee, proxy to Paul Leone
Deborah Powell – committee, proxy to Paul Leone
National association delegates representing – ARG, FRA, GBR, ITA.
Apologies were received from Marc Cardon.
It was recorded that the meeting was "quorate".

2.  Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

3.  Chairman’s Report.

Paul Leone presented a summary of a successful year which had included more events and increased participation. There was an increasing number of “new” raceboards in circulation , which included- an improved version of the Phantom 380, a new („technora?) Phantom 320, and a new Kona 380 ( improved version of Exocet Warp 380). The MOD was back in production , complete with new rig, plus other companies looking at developing.

The future looked good for the class, with a full championship calendar already confirmed, or near completion, for 2011; however the chairman felt there was still a need to prioritise a review of Youth Policy.

4.  Financial Statement.

The 2009 IWA Accounts show the class to be a net contributor, with an increase in income over the previous year from both events and memberships.
A Projection for 2010 shows that the class has maintained its growth.

5.  Class Rules

No proposals to be voted on.

6.  Class Championship Rules

No proposals to be voted on.

7.  Future Championships and venues

The following calendar for 2011 was confirmed:
Europeans – Yyteri, Finland. 8th-12th June
Youth & Master Worlds – St Francis YC, San Francisco, USA. 17th-24th July
Worlds – Hospitalet de L?Infant, Tarragona, Spain. 3rd-10th September

The Youth & Master Europeans was yet to be confirmed, with bids from Belgium, Spain and Italy to be considered by the committee and finalized as soon as possible.

Contracts for the following continental championships were also being considered by organisers:
Oceanics – Australia (late December)
 Asians – Singapore (January)
South Americans – Argentina (January)
North Americans – Mexico ( February)
The 2012 Worlds was already confirmed for Finland.

8.  Any other business

There were no proposals to be voted on.

Paul Leone opened a discussion on the future development of the youth within the raceboard class. It was agreed that a need existed for a "class" between junior (Techno293) and the Olympic Class (RSX); possibly it needed to be a class that could bridge the gap between T293 and senior level racing on hybrid (RSX) and longboard (RB). It was agreed that the committee should prepare a draft policy document after wider discussions within the class and the wider windsurfing community.

9.    Elections.

There were two vacancies on the committee. The 2009 AGM agreed an increase in committee
members, and this created a vacancy yet to be filled. There is one vacancy created by a
committee resignation.
Proposals voted on:
a. Fernando Consorte, Argentina, was elected to the committee.
b. It was agreed that the committee appoint a replacement from a continent not yet represented.

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