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Competition/2010/Sth Americans


2010 Techno 293 and Raceboard South American Championships

2010 Youth Olympic Games Qualification Event
for Techno 293 Class

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
25th to 31st January 2010

An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event



Day 5 - Final Day

The weather was the only winner on the final day of racing at the 2010 South American Championships.  No rain today, instead hot and humid but, unfortunately, no wind.  The overnight results stand with Andres Andersen (ARG 2) declared South American Champion; and Fernando Consorte (ARG 355) Masters Champion.

Not much rain . . . but also not much wind!

A frustrating day for all - the race committee and the competitors!

Early clouds and thundery rain gave way to clear skies and the possibility of a full day of racing.  However the wind took time to settle in, and when it did, it lasted only long enough for one race.

In all divisions the leading sailors won their race.  The overall ranking remains unchanged.  Tomorrow is the final day of these championships.

Two light wind races on day 3
It rained throughout the third day of racing, as was forecast, and only 2 races were possible in the light winds that never exceeded 7 knots.

Andres Anderson (ARG 2) continued where he left off yesterday - winning both of today's races.  The gap is increasing between him and the following masters - ARG 355 and BRA 172.

Leading the grand-master division is Daniel Martin (ARG 313).

Racing resumes tomorrow at 11.00 when it is hoped the wind will match expectation and 3 races can be completed.

Day 2 - Perfect start, then rain stopped play

Despite the promising forecast the start of racing was delayed due to lack of wind; however 2 of the planned 3, back to back, races were completed before once again rain stopped play.  Thunderstorms, rain and variable winds persisted until a halt was called - AP over A.

It is still very close at the top - and is looking like a 3 horse race! Andres Anderson (ARG 2) has overtaken overnight leader Udo Schenker (BRA 172 ) who drops to third overall.

Fernando Consorte (ARG 355) remains in second overall, but is now first master.

Day 1 and two races completed . . .

Racing began on schedule at day one of the 2010 South American Championships; however light to marginal winds limited the race officer to starting two races.  At the end of the day three competitors finished on 4 points - only separated by the tiebreak. Clearly this will be a close fought championship!

Udo Schenker (BRA 172) leads from Andres Anderson (ARG 2) and Fernando Consorte (ARG 355)

First veteran is Jose Bandol (ARG 60) lying in 7th overall.

Tomorrow, an earlier start is planned - and if the weather forecast holds 3 races will be run.

Registration and rain . . .

Registration was completed today for the inaugural South American Championships, hosted in Sao Paulo, Brasil, by the Sao Paulo State Sailing Federation.  Competitors from Argentina and Brasil will start racing tomorrow for the continental title.

The event is also the continental qualifier for junior racers in Techno 293 for the first Youth Olympic Games.

Everyone will be hoping for a change in the weather for the start of racing - a signicant feature of the past 2 days of preparation has been the amount of rain.  Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall have punctuated the days' activities - the forecast looks good!


Notice of Race


   An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event





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