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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2009 AGM

Minutes of the International Raceboard Class Association
Annual General Meeting
held on Monday 24th August 2009 at WPNSA, Portland, UK

1.  Welcome, and registration of voting delegates and email votes

The Class Chairman, Paul Leone, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.

The following votes were recorded:

Paul Leone - committee Chairman
Marc Cardon - committee
John Ellis - committee
Deborah Powell - committee, proxy to Paul Leone
Piotr Hlavaty - committee, proxy to Paul Leone
Sam Wong - committee, email vote
Guiseppe Castelli - ITA
Jean Francois Reggio - FRA, not present on 25th, but email vote submitted
Brian Tilbury - GBR
Rene Appel - HKG
Robbert-Jan van Velzen - NED
Bruno de Wannemaeker - BEL
Finland, email vote – FIN

It was recorded that 13 votes were in the room, and that the meeting was 'quorate'.

Also present - Ceri Williams (Class Secretary and IWA Executive Secretary).

2.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no matters arising.

3.  Chairman's Report

4.  Financial Statement

The 2008 IWA Accounts show an improvement on the previous year, with a small surplus recorded. Income and Expenditure  by class show Raceboard as contributing a reduced surplus, compared to 2007, towards the IWA administration.

b)   The 2009 IWA Budget makes provision for an increased surplus at year end, and the IWA Treasurer provided a summary of Income and Expenditure for period 1st January to 31st July 2009 which projected a surplus of 8,097 euro.

5.    Constitution

(a)  In accordance with #7.1 of the Constitution it is proposed that the committee consist of 9 members - APPROVED

(b)  It is proposed that the committee include one representative of IMCO, and that should be the president or his/her nominated alternate - APPROVED

6.  Class Rules 

(a)  It is proposed that the 2009 update of the current class rules be approved - APPROVED

(Note - this merely updates the current (2005) Class Rules. The revision takes into consideration new ISAF Regulations, eg #20 Advertising Code, and the new ERS.)

(b)  It is proposed that the class committee be sanctioned to finalise the updated version of the current class rules - APPROVED (Note - to take account of further AGM decisions)

(c)  It is proposed that the limitation on sails (C.1.1.a) be increased from 2 to 3 - NOT APPROVED

(d)  It is proposed that the limitation on sails (C.1.1.a) be increased from 2 to 3 for all events other than world championships - NOT APPROVED

(e)  It is proposed that the limitation on centreboards (C.1.1.a) be reduced from 2 to 1 - NOT APPROVED

(f)  It is proposed that the max fin length be reduced from 70 cm to 65 cm - NOT APPROVED

(g)  It is proposed that the max fin length be reduced from 70 cm to 60 cm - NOT APPROVED

(h)  It is proposed that the RSX 9.5 and 8.5 be recognised as class legal within the class rules - APPROVED

7.  Future Championships and venues

(a)  2010 World Championship.  Janis Jekabsons gave a report on Liepaja, Latvia. The dates proposed are 5th-10th July and will be the main feature of the 2010 Liepaja Festival

(b)  2010 European JYM Championship - Ceri Williams gave a report on Cadiz, Spain. The dates are confirmed as December 27th 2009 to January 3rd 2010. The Notice of Race will be published in early September.

(c)  2010 World JYM Championship - Marc Cardon gave a report on Martigues, France. The dates are confirmed for July 24th to July 31st.

(d)  Continental championships planned for 2009/2010 - Ceri Williams gave a report on all future events outside of Europe; 2010 would see for the first time a continental championship in all 6 ISAF recognized continents. See calendar in Appendix A.

(e)  To approve a proposal from USA to host the 2011 JYM World Championship - APPROVED

(f)  To approve a proposal from Belgium to host the 2011 JYM European Championship -  APPROVED

The meeting was adjourned and reconvened the following day -25th August-at 20.00 hrs.

HKG representative was not present; but email vote had been received from committee member,  Murat Tuten.

8.    Class Championship Rules (see appendix B)

(a)  To approve the revised Championship Rules APPROVED

(b)  To amend the new Championship Rules according to following proposals:

     (i)  ISAF title for youth be re-allocated to Men Light division.  - NOT APPROVED 

     (ii)  Youth division to include all raceboards, not limited to "hybrid"  - APPROVED

     (iii)  Minimum requirements be introduced for class titles at continental level.  - APPROVED

     (iv)  Appendix to be added - Racing Format:  Group and Fleet Racing  - APPROVED

     (v)  Slalom to be added as a format option  - APPROVED

(c)  The class committee be delegated responsibility for finalising any further revision.  - APPROVED

(Note - Light/Heavy to be introduced as prize divisions at future championships; and b.ii) to be introduced in 2011, to respect contracts already in place for 2010.)

9. Elections

The current committee were all re-elected to serve a further term 

(Note:  the class committee shall elect its Chairman and Vice Chairman)

10.  Any other business

a)  2 year plan. It was agreed that the chairman publish a paper on the committee’s vision for the next 2 years.

b)  Sail development and measurement rules. It was agreed an improved method of measuring sails was required and this should be a priority for the new committee.

Appendix A

Championship Calendar.

2009 African Championships - Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. 21st - 26th December 2009 (date tbc)

2010 European Y&M Championships - Cadiz, Spain. 27th December 09- 3rd Jan 2010.

2010 Oceanic Championships - tbc

2010 Asian Championships - Pattaya, Thailand. 15th -23rd January.

2010 South American Championships - Sao Paulo, Brazil. 25th -31st  January.  

2010 North American Championships - tbc.

2010 World Championships - Liepaja, Latvia. 5th -10th July.

2010 World Y&M Championships - Martigues, France. 24th July-31st July.

2010 African Championships - tbc.

2011 World Y&M Championships - San Francisco, USA. 19th -24th July (date/venue tbc by contract)

2011 European Y&M Championships - Belgium, late August. (date/venue tbc by contract)


Votes recorded

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