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Organisation/Reports to ISAF/2007


2007 Annual Report for International Raceboard Class

2007 class membership fees were received from 20 countries, representing 4 continents, ensuring a slow but steady growth for the class.

The class successfully held its 2006 World Championship in Pattaya, Thailand, at the end of the year, attended by 50 sailors from 10 countries and 3 continents.

In contrast to 2005 the fleet was made up entirely of "longboards" - old and new!

Once again manufacturers are building longboards, with Exocet and Starboard leading the way.

2007 has been the most successful year for class for quite some time, with a:

Europeans - Bandol, S.France  from  12th -19th April;

Youth & Masters Worlds - Formentera, ESP from 1st-7th Sept;
Worlds - Mendoza, ARG, from 1st-6th October.  Over 70 competitors from 10 countries and 3 continents competed.

In 2007, despite the relatively slow availability of new "longboard" and "hybrid" boards, the class has grown.  More countries are developing an interest in raceboard youth since the transition to "hybrid only" policy was introduced, supporting the policy document formulated by last year's working group established by the Windsurfing Committee.

Paul Leone.

Class President.

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