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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2006 AGM

Minutes of the International Raceboard Class Annual General Meeting

Thursday 23rd November 2006 at 19.30hrs

Conference Room, Plumeira Hotel, Wong-Amat Beach, Pattaya

1)     Registration of delegates and votes.

Paul Leone - Chairman (v)
Marc Cardon - Committee (v) & FRA (v)
Tak Sum Wong - Committee (v) & HKG (v)
John Ellis - Committee (email v)
Peter Krimbacher - Committee (proxy v)
Piotr Hlavaty - Committee (proxy v) & POL (proxy v)
Deborah Powell - Committee (proxy v) & ESP (proxy v)
Fernando Consorte - ARG (v)
Cesar Menezes - IND (v)
Patrik Pollak - SVK (v)

Email votes - GBR (v)  ITA (v)  JPN (v)

Observers present:

Patrice Belbeoch (Exocet)
Svein Rasmussen (Starboard)
Gustavo Idoyaga (ARG)
Juan Barquero (ARG)
Gustavo Almenara (ARG)
Remy Fernandes (IND)
Donald Coelho (IND)
Oleg Parsadanov (RUS)
Per Andersson (SWE)
Tina Sahl

2)     Minutes of the previous meeting, Cadiz.

Taken as read, and approved.

3)     Chairman's report.

Paul Leone summarised his report sent to the ISAF Windsurfing Committee. (attached)

Additionally he commented on the effort and support afforded to the class from the industry, particularly Exocet and Starboard. The industry representatives present confirmed that the class rule proposal for the definition of a "hybrid" was appropriate - emphasising stability within the rules was a priority.

Sam Wong considered it vitally important that a "cheaper" range of durable hybrids underpinned the Youth development programme.

4)     Financial Statement.

Details of Class Income and Expenditure(1st January - 31st December 2005) were circulated to the meeting . (Link to full accounts)

The Raceboard Class was a significant contributor to net income of IWA during 2005, primarily due to a very successful worlds in Cadiz.

The class should not rely upon RSX competitors in the future, although the priority should remain getting sailors on the start line at quality events.

Patrice Belbeoch considered it vitally important that events are interesting and attractive to sailors, the industry, sponsors, spectators and the media.

A full and interesting programme of regattas was already contracted to organisers for 2007:

Europeans 12-19 April, France

Youth & Masters Worlds 1-7 September, Spain

Worlds 1-6 October, Argentina.

5. Proposals for 2007 Class Rules.

5.1 “that two principal divisions are created within the Raceboard class: "Longboard" and "Hybrid".
        A longboard is defined as a board with a minimum length of 321 CM and a maximum of 380cm;
        a hybrid is defined as a board with a minimum length of 270cm and a maximum of 320cm.”   



YES 14
NO 3

6. Proposals for 2006 Championship Rules.

6.1  "To authorize the Class Committee to undertake a review of the Championship Rules and introduce changes, based upon the experience of the 2006 World Championship and the views of the Annual General meeting."



YES 16
NO 1

6.2. Creation of a youth women world championship title. This will be achieved by converting Men to Open; Women to Youth Women; Youth to Youth Men; & Masters Open



YES 16
NO 1

6.3  Modification of the hybrids-youths equipment rules by specifying within the existing rules an 'approved list' of boards and rigs; of which 2 of the selection criteria would be a maximum price and an exclusion of the Olympic equipment.


Not approved

NO 14

7. Proposals for 2008 Championship venues.

7.1   The Class Committee be empowered to select suitable venues for the 2008 World and Continental Championships, and finalise contracts.



YES 17
NO 0

8. Other proposals

8.1     "that the Raceboard class submit a request to ISAF:  ‘to assign the Raceboard Class to be the development class for the future Olympic windsurfing equipment."                                         



YES 15
Abstention 1 

8.2  "That the class appoint a sub-committee for 'youth-hybrid'"                                                    



YES 15
NO 2

9. Any other business.

9.1    2007 Worlds Argentina.   Representatives from the organising committee gave a progress report. The event was being supported by the provincial government and many private companies; and is considered vitally important for the development of sport in the region.

An experienced "technical" team would be assembled under the leadership of Hernan Vila. Free accommodation and transfers were available to all competitors; special air fares and excess baggage deal would be in place.

A media budget will be available, plus coverage on a national tv network.

The 2006 World Champion would be invited - all expenses paid.

9.2    Hybrid  and Youth.  A further discussion took place and a paper was circulated to the meeting (attached)

9.3    Measurement and control. It was agreed to initiate a survey of  sails, and to develop a simple method of measurement and control.

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