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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2005 AGM

MINUTES of the Raceboard Class 2005 Annual General Meeting

Venue - Andalusian Sailing Federation, Puerto Sherry, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

Date - Thursday 6th October, 2005.

Time - 19.30.

1.  Welcome, and registration of voting delegates.

The class President welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting, and outlined his intentions for the evenings proceedings. The first part would be 'formal', as published in the notice of meeting and agenda; followed by an 'informal' discusion about the future of the class.

VOTES Paul Leone (committee)
Piotr Hlavaty (committee)
John Ellis (committee)
Peter Krimbacher (committee - proxy given to Paul Leone)
Didier Flamme (committee - proxy given to Marc Cardon)
Sam Wong (committee - proxy given to Paul Leone)
ARG - Hernan Vila (delegate)
ESP - Deborah Powell (delegate)
FRA - Marc Cardon (delegate)
GBR - John Ellis (delegate)
ITA - Paolo Ghione (delegate)
POL - Piotr Hlavaty (delegate)
HKG - Paul Leone (delegate by proxy)

2.   Minutes of the previous meeting (Nessebar, BUL) and any matters arising.

Taken as read, John Ellis proposed the minutes be accepted, seconded by Marc Cardon, agreed unanimously.

There were no matters arising.

3.  Chairmans Report.

Paul Leone outlined the recent history of the class, the challenges to be met, and the relevance of the 'hybrid' development to the class.

Attracting the Olympic Class competitors and working closely with ISAF on the Production Board Scheme had reaped dividends: numbers had doubled at recent world championships, eg 2003 = 40; 2004 = 70; 2005 = 120.

It had been important to clearly define a difference between Formula and Raceboard, set the new parameters for class rules, and encourage the development of new 'raceboards'. It is still the early days of hybrid development - 'an exciting future for the class, but we are unsure about the final outcome'.

Success will depend upon support from the brands/ manufacturers - development and innovation, but perhaps with more control than with formula.

The major challenges facing this development being - 'competitive wind limits', and making the class 'attractive' to potential competitors.

Manufacturers and 'brands' must encourage participation - send pro riders to events and support grass roots development. The class will consider offering prize money at events.

Raceboard Class now a vital element in the development of future Olympic windsurfing equipment.

4.  Financial Statement.

John Ellis, IWA Treasurer, circulated copies of the 2004 yearly accounts, plus provisional 2005 half year figures.

Commenting on the Raceboard Class income statement:  good attendances in Sopot (JYM ) and Cadiz (R/B Worlds) would result in higher income in 2005, than in 2004.

The accounts are published on the IWA website.

5. Review of 2005 Class Rules.
5.1  a) Proposal to adopt a maximum sail size of 8.5 sq.m. for the Youth division (see 7.1a).            YES -13  / NO - 0
b) Proposal to empower the Class Committee to review, and if necessary change, the maximum sail size for Youth division after November decision regarding equipment for the 2006 ISAF Youth Worlds.    YES -13  / NO - 0
6. Proposals for 2006 Championship Rules.
 6.1  a)

to adopt for 2006 the 2005 Championship Rules without change.                                           

b) to adopt for 2006 the 2005 Championship Rules with agreed changes (6.2 & 6.3).               YES -13  / NO - 0
6.2   To ADD the following  'division' rules to # 1 - General: details in Appendix 1 YES -13  / NO - 0
a) Gender Divisions          YES -13  / NO - 0
b) Age Divisions                                                                                                                              YES - 13 / NO - 0
c) Weight Divisions                                                                                                                        YES - 13 / NO - 0
d) Division Identification                                                                                                                YES -13  / NO - 0
e) Minimums YES -13  / NO - 0
6.3  a) to ADD a 'Hybrid' division for a trial one year period, reviewed at next AGM. YES -13  / NO - 0
b)  empower the Class Committee to finalise the definition of Hybrid YES -13  / NO - 0
c) ADD rule to include 'IMCO' division                                YES -13  / NO - 0
6.4 AMEND  Rule #7 - Sail Insignias: details in Appendix 2. 

YES - 6 / NO - 6

therefore not approved 


To authorise the Class Committee to undertake a further review of the Championship Rules and introduce further changes, based upon the experience of the 2005 World Championship.

YES -13  / NO - 0
7. Proposals for 2006 Championship 'Titles'.
7.1  a) to ADD to the current World Titles (Men, Women, Masters) a Youth title from 2006 YES -13  / NO - 0
8. Proposals for 2006 /2007 Championship venues.
8.1     a)

that the Class Committee be empowered to select suitable venues for the 2006 World and Continental Championships, and finalise contracts.

YES -13  / NO - 0
8.2 a) that the Class Committee be empowered to select suitable venues for the 2007 World and Continental Championships, and finalise contracts. YES - 13 / NO - 0

A presentation was made for Argentina ( Mendoza province) to host the 2007 Worlds. (to close the meeting)

'Declarations of interest' received from France, Italy, Poland and Thailand.

9.  Class Committee Elections (bi-annual)
9.1   Proposal - to increase the membership of the class committee to 9.                                                

YES - 13 / NO - 0

9.2     Proposal - to ensure that each continent that is actively racing 'Raceboard' is represented on the class committee, no more than 2/3 (two thirds) of the committee shall come from one continent.

YES - 11 / NO - 2

Marc Cardon explained his objection

Nominations received :

Deborah Powell (ESP)    

YES  - 13/ NO - 0
John Ellis (GBR) : candidate for re-election                                      YES - 13 / NO - 0
Tak Sum Wong - 'Sam' (HKG): candidate for re-election    YES - 13 / NO - 0
Late nominations were also received for Christian Chardon (FRA) and Marc Cardon (FRA), both supported by FFV.
Raceboard Committee to finalise - no objections were received for either candidate.

NOTES - 2006/2007 Championship venues:

A detailed presentation was made to the meeting by a delegation from Mendoza Province, Argentina.

Hernan Vila offered an English interpretation of the bid, and supported the application for a World Championship in 2007.


1.1 Gender Divisions

1.1.1      MEN (A)

1.1.2      WOMEN (B)

1.2   Age Divisions

1.2.1      YOUTH (C) is a man or woman who is less than 20 years old;

1.3.2      Junior (D) is a boy or girl who is less than 17 years old;

1.3.3      Master (G) is a man who has reached the age 35, or a woman who has reached the age of 30;

1.3.4      Grand Master (H) is a man who has reached the age of 45, or a woman who has reached the age of 40.

1.3.5      A sailor must have reached the minimum age limit in the relevant age division by December 31st before the year of competition.

1.3.6      A sailor must not be older than the maximum age limit in the relevant age division by December 31st in the year of competition.

1.4   Weight Divisions

1.4.1      Lightweight - A sailor who weighs less than 80kg;

1.4.2      Heavyweight - A sailor who weighs more than 75kg.

1.5  Division Identification

At events where the organising authority specifies the use of identification of divisions, the identification shall be displayed on the top panel of the sail, and be a minimum of 230mm in height.

WOMEN red diamond
MEN HEAVY  black circle
MEN LIGHT black semi circle
YOUTH black triangle
JUNIOR  black open triangle 




1.6  Minimums

A minimum of 5 entries is required to constitute a division.


7.1 National letters & sail numbers shall be in a colour contrasting strongly with the body of the sail placed immediately above the event advertising.

7.2 National letters & sail numbers shall be clearly legible. All Sails shall otherwise comply with the national letter system according to the RRS 77 & Appendix G, as amended by Appendix B.

7.3 National letters & sail numbers may alternatively be placed back to back on an opaque white background.  Otherwise they shall comply with Art #7.1 and 7.2.

7.4  Failure to comply with this rule will result in a 3-point penalty being implemented by the Race Committee for each infringement, without a hearing (Alteration of RRS 63.1)


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