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Organisation/Reports to ISAF/2004

Raceboard Report
to the 
2004 ISAF Conference


The Raceboard Class has continued to attract an increased number of competitors to its major championships despite the fact that only one manufacturer now makes long boards. The average age, however, of those taking part remains high. The class, therefore, needs to identify a way forward to broaden its base and increase its appeal.


The 2004 AGM was in general agreement that some changes in the class rules are required but was aware that there was to be a further ISAF Evaluation Trial in the UK. It, therefore, empowered the IRCA Committee to amend the rules so that they comply with the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing and with the latest evolution in hybrid equipment, bearing in mind the decisions made at this conference.

The IRCA Committee, therefore, agreed to make a submission to this Committee, which included detailed changes so that the principles behind these changes can be approved without delay. If, subsequent to this conference and the decisions made by this Committee on hybrid equipment, further changes need  to be made, then this can be done through the ISAF staff using the procedures laid out in the ISAF Regulations without having to wait for the Mid-Year meeting.

In fact, the proposed rules are as inclusive as possible and will enable all the existing 'hybrid' boards evaluated by ISAF to race whilst at the same time allowing existing longboards to go on racing.

Key changes are summarized below:

Minimum board length reduced from 3400mm to 2700m

Maximum board beam increased from 850mm to 1000m

Maximum sail size increased from 7.5m2 to 9.5m2/8.5m2 (men/women)

To enable a smooth transition from longboards to hybrids, the Committee has agreed that there shall be two divisions specified in future notices of race. One for longboards using 7.4 sails and one 'open' division with a maximum sail size for men of 9.5m and for women of 8.5 metres.

The IRCA is aware that the majority of the brands involved in the ISAF Evaluation trials are now planning to put their hybrid designs into production and is keen to ensure that these new boards are able to race for a world championship title in 2005 and beyond. The IRCA is also very keen to work with the windsurfing industry in the development of this new style of race equipment.


The 2003 Open and Masters World Championships took place in Progresso, Mexico in December 2003.

The 2004 Open World Championship took place in Palermo, Italy in May 2004.

The 2004 Masters World Championship took place in Nessebar, Bulgaria in August 2004.


The IRCA looks forward to a period of growth with the new hybrid boards.

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