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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2004 AGM


Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting held in Nessebar, Bulgaria on August 4th at 1830hours


Paul Leone Chairman of the Class Committee 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for Piotr Hlawaty 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for Tak Sum Wong 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for John Ellis 1 vote
Peter Krimbacher Committee member

1 vote

Marc Cardon Proxy for Didier Flamme 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for India 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for Hong Kong 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for Netherlands 1 vote
Paul Leone Proxy for Bulgaria 1 vote
Rod Davis delegate for Great Britain 1 vote
Marc Cardon delegate for France 1 vote
Reismann Moritz delegate for Germany 1 vote
Pawel Frydrychowicz delegate for Poland

1 vote

Leo Vekemans delegate for Belgium

1 vote











Janet Pain GBR Pierre Beck FRR 
Paco Wirz ITA Aaron Botzer ISR
Vincenzo Baglione ITA Giuseppe Castelli  ITA
Marco Andreucetti ITA Ezio Ferin ITA
Bernard Buren FRA Egil Wold NOR
Lubomir Mielec CZE  





1. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous year meeting were taken as read.  Peter Krimbacher proposed and Rod Davis seconded the motion that they be accepted. All in favour.

2. Chairman's Report

2.1 The Chairman reviewed the objectives of the class and progress against these.  Recent Championships have seen an increase in numbers with successful events held in Poland and in Mexico in 2003, and in Sicily and Bulgaria in 2004.  The combined entries in the Europeans and the Worlds in 2004 is 80.

2.2 The Chairman noted that having reversed and stabilised the level of entries at major Championships, the class should now focus its attention on the future, seeking to ensure its continuity through a change in class rules and closer cooperation with board manufacturers to stimulate its growth.  To this end the Committee had worked on proposing a new set of class rules.  The Chairman also noted that the class had followed with great interest the development of new hybrid boards and the test events held in 2004 and was confident that this would lead to positive developments which would stimulate the sport. The Chairman noted that the philosophy of the Raceboard class should continue to be centred around being an open class with daggerboard, which includes but is not limited to the Olympic board. The class should continue to differentiate itself from the formula class, while evolving to include developments in design to make the equipment more competitive in 4 to 30 knots, more modern, more fun and more appealing. The class should continue to 'reward' tactical abilities, speed and fitness.   The Chairman added that should a hybrid board not be selected for the next games, the class will work with manufacturers to develop the new hybrid equipment so that it is ready for potential selection for the 2012 Olympic Regatta.  In parallel with these changes, the Raceboard class has also submitted an application to ISAF proposing to manage the Olympic class should one of the hybrid boards with a daggerboard or alternatively another longboard be selected for the 2008 games in China.

3. Financial Statements

3.1 Raceboard class accounts are integrated into the overall accounts for the IWA which also include the income and expenditure of all other member classes.

3.2 Last year saw a revenue of Euro 9000 and an expenditure of Euro 7000 including organisers share of entry fees. The surplus remains with the IWA and is used to support the ongoing work of the class’s administration and development.

3.3 Peter Krimbacher proposed and Rod Davis seconded the motion that the accounts presented, previously accepted by the IWA AGM, be accepted.  All in favour.

4. Class Committee Recommendations & 2004 Regatta programme

4.1 Proposals to host the 2005 Championships have been received from Goa, India for the World Open Championship (end of April) and Sopot, Poland for the World Masters and European Open Championships (beginning of August). It was agreed unanimously that the class accept the bid from Sopot, subject to confirmation at the MJOD AGM, and that the committee be delegated the authority to select venues for the World Open Championships and possibly a European Masters Championships once further information has been received from potential bidders.  The AGM expressed a positive interest in holding a Championship in Goa.

5. Class Rule change submission to ISAF

5.1 The Chairman introduced the proposal for a change in class rules to allow the inclusion of new hybrid boards being developed.  He stressed the need to evolve the class as the only board being currently manufactured is the MOD.   There was general agreement that some change is required although different views were expressed regarding some of the measurement rules being proposed.

To enable these detailed measurement rules to be finalised in line with the ISAF decision on the 2008 Olympic equipment, the AGM expressed a desire to wait until the ISAF Council makes their decision in November to ensure that the 2005 Raceboard Class Rules are in line with the latest thinking.

After further discussion, the proposed resolution on class rule changes was subject to a friendly amendment that proposed to postpone the decision on the detail changes to the class rules until after the November ISAF conference when the decision on Olympic windsurfing equipment is known. This was proposed by Peter Krimbacher and seconded by Marc Cardon. 

The following resolution was unanimously approved:

a) That, although there is general support for the changes in the class rules, a decision on the detail should be postponed until the outcome of the November ISAF meeting is known;

b) That the class rule submission made to ISAF stay in place;

c) That the final decision on the detail of class rule changes be delegated to the Raceboard Committee who are requested to act once the outcome of the November ISAF conference is known (12 votes for and two against).

6. Any other business

6.1 There being no other items the Chairman closed the meeting.


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