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Raceboard Worlds ...finalised your plans yet?
Posted On:  02/11/2006 11:11:08

The 2006 Worlds promises to be a bit special. Once again the industry is producing raceboards with a centreboard - not only 'hybrids' but a new generation of 'longbards'. The event will also be seen as a trial of the latest against the established .

There are still some charter boards available - go to the Notice of Race for details.

Note that Thai Airways are offering an extra 30kgs of exess baggage allowance and accommodation/transfer deals are available.  Please contact the organiser

Late November is the best time of the year in Thailand: "Thailand is beautiful, land of smiles, cheap and easy; good service is our logo. I can assure you that the 2006 Worlds will be one of the best windsurfing events ever" ... Thanit Raksanaves, Eastern Windsurfing Club, WATH.

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