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Posted On:  17/12/2021 20:12:56

On the 8th of December the Raceboard Class AGM took place online and I would like to update you on what the Class has planned for 2022. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/11/2021 22:50:09

The Raceboard Class Association Annual General Meeting, is scheduled to take place on the 8th of December at 18:00 UTC. The AGM will be held online via Zoom platform. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/11/2021 13:37:42

Notice is hereby given for the International Raceboard Class Association Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled to take place on the 8th of December at 18:00. The AGM will be held online via Zoom platform. ......( more )

Ivan Pastor Lafuente claims the European and Masters titles in Hondarribia, Spain
Posted On:  16/10/2021 09:06:50
Ivan dominated the event with a perfect result of 7 race wins, which is an impressive achievement. This time around he was on top also in the rivalry with Curro Manchon, who finished second overall. Jorge Maciel Andrés finished the championship on the 3rd podium place. (more)
Europeans and Masters in Hondarribia are off to a slow start
Posted On:  11/10/2021 19:30:55
The European and Masters Championships have started in Hondarribia, Spain with over 50 competitors attending the event. The wind has not been cooperating so far and after two days of races we have two races completed. Tomorrow looks a little better so follow the results on the (event website)
Juozas Bernotas and Vita Matise are the 2021 Raceboard World Champions
Posted On:  22/08/2021 10:04:40

The Kizezers Lake in Riga, Latvia saw some spectacular Raceboard action the past week as some of the best came to Klubs 360 for the 2021 World Championships. 64 windsurfers arrived from 13 different countries to participate in the event and it was a good sight to see on the tricky waters of the local lake. (read more)


There is nothing like old-school
Posted On:  17/08/2021 20:35:25
The Raceboard Class is unique in many ways. It connects the young with those, who have more experience. It connects old friends and is a way to make new ones. It is a place, where you can race against Olympians, with two of them being with us on the starting line. On the water the fight for the titles is fierce, but of the water it is as friendly as you could get. (read more)
Australian Raceboard Nationals - Saratoga Sailing Club 2020-21
Posted On:  23/04/2021 12:25:42
The rescheduled Australian Raceboard National Titles at Saratoga Sailing Club in NSW attracted 29 entrants. (read more)
Posted On:  28/01/2021 08:32:21

The event that was to be the Australian Raceboard Nationals took place in another form from 23rd to 26th at Saratoga Sailing Club in NSW.

......( more )
Posted On:  29/12/2020 15:02:37
2020 was a unique year not just for the Supercup windsurfing series. Despite the hard times we managed to keep the flame burning and organize all three Supercup events this year. With total of 123 participants in Techno and Raceboard classes. Big thanks to all the organisers and participant this year, who often had to walk an extra mile  just to make simple things happen. ......( more )
Raceboard AGM minutes published
Posted On:  11/12/2020 10:32:47
The minutes of the 2020 Raceboard AGM have been published and are available here.
Posted On:  24/11/2020 22:27:56

The delegate nomination form, received submission and email voting form are now published.

A link to the online AGM will be provided to all delegates on the evening of December 8th.

The only submission received comes from Finland and is a proposal to modify the Class Rules concerning the sail size for the Junior division. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/11/2020 10:32:45

Notice is hereby given for the International Raceboard Class Association Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled to take place on the 9th of December at 18:00.
The AGM will be held online via Zoom platform. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2020 09:25:39

After 5 days and 14 races, the Raceboard European Championships came to an end in Sopot, Poland in what has turned out to be the only Raceboard international event of the year. Although Max made it look easy it was not the case, with some hard battles fought on the race course throughout the week. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/09/2020 10:25:27

Raceboarders had been waiting for this day for some time now, with all events cancelled but the one, today the European championships kicked off.  ......( more )

Posted On:  01/09/2020 11:51:16

A small but well formed fleet of keen competitors from five countries are taking part in the Raceboard European Championships now underway in Sopot, Poland. A good day to start racing with wind from 9 to 15 kts forecast.

Keep up to date with the action as it happens on the event website
Posted On:  23/07/2020 14:15:20

With great sadness, the IWA announces the untimely passing away yesterday of our very special friend and leading light, Ceri Williams, following a brief and staunch battle with his illness. Our thoughts go to his beloved wife Teri, to his sons Ross, Aaron, and Scott, and to his grandchildren.

Ceri is remembered for his great friendships, his unfailing work ethic, his generous smile, and his willingness to always go beyond the call of duty. He was selfless, time and time again, also taking difficult decisions in the best interest of many windsurfing constituencies.  ......( more )

Posted On:  08/07/2020 19:02:27

This year the Czech Supercup should originally have taken place on Nove Mlyny lake in May but, due to COVID-19, it was postponed to new dates from 4th to 5th July. The location was changed too. It was moved to Velke Darko lake to the competition that is part of Czech Cup and is named "Pohar Vysociny" that could be translated as "Highlands Cup". ......( more )

Int. German Championships Raceboard Gets the Go Ahead!
Posted On:  11/06/2020 10:00:36

The Race Office of  Steinhuder Meer, the Location of the Int. German Championships Raceboard, has confirmed the event will take place from 3rd to 5th July 2020.

The latest date to enter the Championships is the 15th June 2020.

Posted On:  08/06/2020 10:23:48

The Raceboard European Championships in Poland have now been rescheduled and will take place 1st to 5th September 2020.

The host club and class are excited to bring you this information and hope that a large number of Raceboarders will attend this championship and take advantage of the attractions provided. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/05/2020 09:51:56

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Hungarian Windsurfing Association has been forced to cancel the 2020 World Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/04/2020 17:52:09

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Local Organizing Authority at Sopot Sailing Club has been forced to postpone the 2020 Raceboard European Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/03/2020 09:33:55
Book now, pay later - or cancel

Clearly COVID-19 is a major concern for us and although Poland has not been affected as much as other countries yet, the uncertainty is high. We understand your concerns about financial commitment and we have worked with the hotel on site to provide an offer to all competitors: ......( more )
Posted On:  26/02/2020 15:44:16

The South American Windsurf Championships 2020 for Raceboard, Bic Techno 293 and Bic Techno 293 Plus categories was held from February 21 to 25, 2020. This event was also the first selective to form the Argentine team that will travel to the Fortaleza World Cup, Brazil, for the Bic Techno 293 Plus category. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/01/2020 10:37:37

We are happy to inform our Raceboard sailors that the 2020 season is fast approaching with two events ready for You to enter online and book your trips. 

World Championships - Balatonfured Hungary ......( more )
Posted On:  29/12/2019 10:03:39

Small open power boats will normally be fitted with a kill cord which, if used correctly, will stop the engine if the driver becomes dislodged from the helm position.

The kill cord is a red lanyard which has a quick-release fitting at one end and a clip at the other end.  When in use, the quick-release fitting is attached to the console and the end with the clip attaches to the driver.  ......( more )
Posted On:  21/09/2019 08:55:21
Sadly we have been told by the organiser just now that they have no other choice than to cancel, after lengthy discussions with local and regional government. We are very thankful to the organisers for their efforts and fully understand the decision. ......( more )
Posted On:  19/09/2019 11:27:08
A message from Class Chairman, Paul Leone ...
As many of you have heard, sadly, Murcia and other coastal areas in South East Spain have been hit by storms and flash floods which have caused significant damage.  We are in contact with the organiser of the event to assess the consequences. The situation is described as "very complicated". ......( more )
Posted On:  11/09/2019 12:33:46

The "Surfari" 2019 Raceboard Masters World Championship is approaching with the Raceboard family meeting in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain during the first days of October. Club Nautico Mar Menor being a welcoming place for windsurfing, we are looking forward to a great regatta. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/07/2019 07:37:19

World Sailing is now inviting manufacturers and Class Associations to tender to be selected as the Men's and Women's Windsurfer equipment to be used at the 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition. More information can be found here. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/07/2019 16:32:19

Fresh off her first experience attending a windsurfing competition last month at the US Nationals, author Janice Anne Wheeler hopped on a plane to Warnemuende, Germany to accompany Steve Uhthoff to the 2019 Raceboard Worlds. The event took place July 7-13 in the famous sailing resort town on the Baltic Sea, more

Posted On:  16/07/2019 09:18:53

11 races and 3 worthy World Champions at the end of a good week of racing.  Challenging conditions - "wind and surf and everything in between" - faced the 107 competitors at the 2019 Raceboard World Championships in Warnemunder. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/07/2019 10:22:32

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association 2019 has now been published.

Posted On:  08/06/2019 09:53:18

A brand-new cheap student/sports hotel with 120 bed (1, 2 or 4 bed rooms): https://www.wiro.de/wirotel-mittelmole/wir-ueber-uns.html  It is next to the camping area. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/06/2019 15:19:51

Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the International Raceboard Class Association will take place during the forthcoming World Championships in Rostock-Warnemunde, Germany. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/06/2019 12:37:55

The first world championship for the Junior - under 23 - division of the International Raceboard Class will take place in Rostock-Warnemuende, Germany, from 6th to 11th July. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/05/2019 15:49:42

Tough racing, tactical, technical with challenging weather and wind conditions in the Czech Republic. 92 competitors, 13 races with spectacular castle background, fun with friends in true raceboard spirit.

Check out the video highlights / Official Event Website

Posted On:  21/05/2019 11:49:37

Once again the small lake in the historical centre of Poland - Szale, Kalisz - will host the annual friendly windsurfing event with more than 100 sailors expected on the lake. Come and join the fun from 31 May-2 June ......( more )

Posted On:  18/05/2019 15:55:03

Some will remember this regatta for the great racing, some for the hospitality of the hosts at Yacht Club Dyje, Nove Mlyny in the Czech Republic and others for the weather. One thing is certain. The 2019 Raceboard European Championship is an event to be remembered. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2019 18:38:27

Photos of Pavlov taken from the nearby castle flooded Facebook yesterday, as competitors took the chance to take the short hike up the hill and do some sightseeing. Not a true lay day though, as it was dominated by waiting for the wind.  ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2019 09:37:47

A brand-new cheap student hotel with 120 bed (1, 2 or 4 bed rooms) can be booked online for 23 eur per day and bed in rooms with separate bath room.

It will be sold out fast as this information will also be distributed to other WW sailors on Saturday 18.05. https://www.wiro.de/wirotel-mittelmole/wir-ueber-uns.html
Posted On:  15/05/2019 19:04:52

A breakthrough you might say, as Borja Carracedo Serra from Spain came back ashore freezing after the three races today. He was wearing his Superman lycra and he was clearly happy with his super result. "I have the SUPER power - winning the last one, I have to wear this lycra more often. I want one more. I'm only warming up and now that I know how to do it, I can win more," he said laughing. ......( more )

Posted On:  14/05/2019 18:26:53

Just before leaving for the Raceboard European Championships I came across an article in Sailing Illustrated on how not to write a report from an event. From the article I've learnt not to write about the weather or race officers (sorry Marek), but to concentrate on the sailors - and their point of view.......( more )

Posted On:  14/05/2019 17:57:58

The start of the first event of the Supercup series of 2019 was on 11th May and took place at Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic. There arrived more than the usual three nations - Czech, Slovak and Hungarian - there were also representatives from Germany, Moldavia and Latvia because of the upcoming Raceboard European Championships. There were 43 Raceboards, 29 Technos, 6 RS:X and also 6 formulas ready to compete. ......( more )

Posted On:  31/01/2019 10:18:35

A big jump in youth and female sailor numbers has been a feature of the 2019 Raceboard Nationals at Myall Lakes in NSW.  The event (20-23 of January) was held with the Formula Nationals and attracted a combined fleet of 47 boards,......( more )

Posted On:  30/01/2019 18:42:38

We announced last year, at the annual Raceboard Class Meeting in Blanes, that we intend to organise 2019 in Warnemuende/Germany the largest Raceboard Worlds since decades.

Some of you will remember the Raceboard Worlds 2009 in Warnemuende which attracted 114 competitors from 15 nations. Now 10 years later we will try to improve on this. Read more . . .
Posted On:  11/12/2018 12:04:23

2018 saw the 4th season of the Supercup series, a competition circuit for Techno 293 and Raceboard that has been growing over the years and attracted this year almost 100 competitors from 5 countries.......( more )

Posted On:  22/11/2018 17:02:18

Four events contributed to the Argentine 2018 Raceboard series. The first was in Mendoza, on Potrerillos Lake in the month of March, the second in San Luis, on Lake La Florida in the month of May. The third took place in Cordoba, on San Roque Lake in September with the fourth in San Juan, on Lake Ullum, this last weekend of November. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2018 12:06:01

Portimao Windsurfing Worlds have delivered at the very last minute. After five days being patient paid off and we have our new Raceboard Masters and Formula Windsurfing world champions. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/09/2018 09:16:13

Six races in total, four of them for the Raceboard Masters and two for Formula Windsurfing, concluded the third day of the Portimao Windsurfing Worlds. It was the first day when racing was possible with the Race Committee using the conditions to the full. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/09/2018 12:54:50

It is a real test of patience in Portimao, Portugal, where 61 windsurfers are still waiting for the first races of the championships.

Two days and no racing. This does not happen often, especially in the Raceboard class, but that is part of the game. ......( more )
Posted On:  11/09/2018 10:12:55

14 days before the event it was clear that it would not be possible nor safe to make the competition at Nove Mlyny lake because of low water level. The idea was to move the event to another venue <......( more )

Posted On:  27/08/2018 15:19:42

"Two years on and another great championship here in Kisezers. We said at the time we were hoping to be back but were not hoping to be back so soon. And we have been rewarded again with an excellent Championship," said Paul Leone, Class Chairman.  "We have had strong winds and lighter winds, sun and rain; sailing conditions to please everyone."......( more )

Posted On:  25/08/2018 09:29:03

Day two, a new day and five new races each for the Men's and Women's Fleets on Kizesers Lake, Latvia.  Conditions were challenging with wind gusts up to 23 knots. 

At the end of the day, three ladies have equal points in their battle for podium places, separated purely on their discarded result.  ......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2018 10:55:58

61 competitors representing 15 countries have descended upon Sailing Club 360 at Kizezers Lake, Riga, Latvia for the 2018 Raceboard European Championships. A quality field in both the men's and women's fleets, including previous World and European champions, are ready for battle.......( more )

Haitong International 2018 Hong Kong Open
Posted On:  15/08/2018 13:46:42

Notice of Race has been published for the Haitong International 2018 Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships taking place in Tun Wan, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong from 23rd to 29th October.

Posted On:  13/07/2018 08:53:40

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting have now been published

Posted On:  30/06/2018 18:23:45

Aleksandra Blinnikka from Finland and Joao Rodrigues from Portugal dominated the fleet of 73 sailors in Blanes, Spain to win the World Championship. It is the second world title for Joao and when he won his first, Aleksandra was just three years old. 

Posted On:  29/06/2018 19:41:15

Aleksandra Blinnikka is destined for the World Championship in Blanes as only one day remains in the championship. Joao Rodrigues from Portugal is looking to secure his top spot tomorrow. 

Posted On:  27/06/2018 19:25:35

Aleksandra is unstoppable having won all the races in the championship and over in the men's fleet Joao Rodrigues extends his lead over Curro Manchon. 

Posted On:  26/06/2018 19:41:16

Aleksandra Blinnikka in women and Joao Rodrigues in men have taken the lead after three races on the first day of the Raceboard World Championships.......( more )

Annual General Meeting 2018 - Agenda Published
Posted On:  15/06/2018 10:23:01

The Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association will be held on Thursday 28th June 2018 at Blanes, Spain.  The detailed location of the meeting room will be published on the event official notice board.  The meeting will be scheduled to start at 20.00.  

Posted On:  07/06/2018 11:05:23

This year saw the 7th edition of the International Windsurfing Regatta near the oldest Polish town of Kalisz.  Once again Lake Szale hosted more than 100 windsurfers who were welcomed by the traditional regatta opening in the town centre, a BBQ and much more. Three days of light winds and tactical racing interrupted by few thunderstorms  contributed to the fun had by all. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/06/2018 16:37:44

Member national associations are reminded of the deadline of 7th June to submit proposals for consideration at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

Many submissions have been received including one from Chairman Paul Leone regarding a clarification of the maximum sail size rule. ......( more )
Data Protection Policy
Posted On:  26/05/2018 08:57:38

The International Windsurfing Association is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of all those we do business with. We have rewritten our Privacy and Data Protection Policies to ensure that they clearly outline what data we gather, how we use it, and the rights that you have to manage and access your data.

You can view our policies and privacy notices here.

Posted On:  18/05/2018 16:46:19

The first stage of the Supercup 2018 series took place on Lake Domasa in Slovakia over the weekend of 5th/6th May.  Planing conditions all the weekend with wind from 16-25 knots, course races on M and I course with a full schedule of 8 races sailed.......( more )

Posted On:  10/05/2018 09:05:25

Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the International Raceboard Class Association will take place during the forthcoming World Championships in Blanes, Spain. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 28 June and a detailed Agenda, with proposals to be voted upon, will be published on or around 14th June. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/04/2018 09:13:38

The Monsaraz Windsurf Festival 2018, was the first event of the year for Formula Windsurfing and Raceboard in Portugal, this event is already being organized since 7 years ago, and this year we broke our record of competitors 47, 25 in Formula Open, 14 in Formula Sport (rookie class) and 8 in Raceboard.......( more )

Posted On:  30/01/2018 17:12:57

Following confirmation of the setting up of a technical sub committee, the class committee has now finalised its composition.  An opportunity has been taken to bring in 2 members from outside of the current Class Committee.  The TsC will, however, welcome input from "experts" drawn from all quarters of the sport, not just raceboarders.......( more )

Posted On:  21/01/2018 11:27:43

The final day of racing turned out to be the biggest test for the regatta.  The early signs that the wind would pick up from the days' prior racing were correct, and didn't disappoint. The warm sunny morning lulled us into a false sense of security ......( more )

Posted On:  19/01/2018 12:17:41

Twenty-nine competitors have returned to the scene of 2016 Raceboard worlds for the 2018 Oceanic and Australian Raceboard Championships, and Moreton Bay Queensland has again delivered spectacular conditions with blues skies and steady winds. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/01/2018 12:59:34

Events for the 2018 International Raceboard calendar are being confirmed and Notices of Race are being published all the time, so check back regularly for more info and to put dates in your diary.

National Associations are also reminded to submit dates and information for local events open to International competitors. See upcoming events in Spain
Posted On:  06/12/2017 09:55:42

Raceboards from Downunder will return to the scene of the spectacular 2016 Raceboard Worlds for their Nationals in January 2018.......( more )

Posted On:  19/11/2017 10:54:19

Day 5, the last day of competition at Club Nautico San Isidro, brought a good breeze enabling completion of the twelve race series for all Classes.......( more )

Posted On:  17/11/2017 11:33:10

Day 4, the penultimate racing day of the 2017 South American Championships at the San Isidro Sailing Club in Buenos Aires.  The sun has returned, competitors are eager to get going, working their sails hard, and wondering what today will bring.......( more )

Posted On:  16/11/2017 13:25:57

It had been suggested that the during the first 2 days the competitors had seen everything that Buenos Aires had to offer but on the third day the wind was different yet again - lesson 3!  ......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2017 15:40:06

Day 2 of the 2017 South American windsurfing championships and Buenos Aires river delta is revealing more of its secrets. It was a beautiful but very tricky day with light wind and strong current.  As Fernando Consorte said, "Olympic Conditions - pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping!" ......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2017 15:34:12

Club Nautico San Isidro, venue of 2017 South American Windsurfing Championship, and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Regatta, welcomed all with testing conditions. Light winds in the morning turned into a breezy afternoon that challenged all. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2017 09:08:24

The 2017 Raceboard and DII European Championships have come to a close in Balatonfured, Hungary. Almost 100 windsurfers from all over the world competed in the event organised by the Hungarian Windsurfing Association........( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2017 08:45:25

With still two days to go in the championships the race committee has already managed to conduct 11 races for the Raceboarders and 10 for the DII class. And today we had three great races with the wind ranging from 10 to 16 kts. ......( more )

Posted On:  07/09/2017 09:03:35

Four more races, which makes it eight altogether in the championship after the first two days of racing in Balatonfured.......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2017 08:39:39

Today, four races were completed in Balatonfured, where the Raceboard and DII European Championships are taking place.......( more )

Posted On:  09/08/2017 10:53:44

The international wind and kitesurfing regatta 2017 NeilPryde Baltic Cup Latvia and European Formula Windsurfing Cup was held at the Karosta (former Soviet navy base bay) at the Baltic Sea coast of Liepaja, Latvia from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of August. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/07/2017 10:10:59

Over 80 sailors came to the beautiful Spanish city of Salou for the Raceboard World Championships and the event brought some real talent including the likes of Joao Rodrguez, Ivan Pastor, Nicolas Huguet, Tuuli Petaja and Blanca Manchon. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/07/2017 08:24:51

Three races again here in the coast town of Salou with wind from 6 to 9 kts today favouring weak wind sailors from the start. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/07/2017 07:38:26

The Raceboard World championships have brought some real talent over to Salou, Spain. That being Olympic talent. Young guns will have a chance to match themselves against the likes of Joao Rodriguez, Ivan Pastor, Tuuli Petaja and Blanca Manchon.   With these sailors and many other top athletes from around the world on site there is no telling who is the favourite for the title. It's sure to be an exciting rivalry. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/06/2017 16:46:37

The event opened with winds in the 25-knot range. A total of 45 windsurfers completed three 20-kilometer races in the flat and blue Caribbean waters along Te Amo beach, from the airport to the marina.......( more )

Posted On:  19/06/2017 16:31:06

The agenda and proposals for the Annual General Meeting of the IRCA to be held on Saturday 1 July 2017 in Spain have been published.

Posted On:  03/06/2017 13:12:22

The British windsurfer believes it will take him two years to complete the 9,320-mile (15,000 kilometers) adventure in European waters. His planned route includes around 20 different countries.  ......( more )

Posted On:  01/06/2017 09:48:23

Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the Raceboard Class will take place during the forthcoming World Championships in Salou, Spain. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday 1st July - and a detailed Agenda, with proposals to be voted upon, will be published on or around 15th June. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/05/2017 09:17:39

Gizycko was the home to 55 competitors from 12 countries during the Raceboard Masters World Championships. The largest town in the region, located at the very heart of the Great Masurian Lake District welcomed the sailors with beautiful sunny weather, but weak wind prevailed in all 9 races sailed on lake Niegocin.......( more )

Posted On:  20/05/2017 15:35:40

The competitors and race committee were looking forward to today for many days now, but the day turned out to be trickier than expected. After the skippers' meeting the race committee postponed the start for a little while but soon racing was ready to start. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/05/2017 08:38:26

55 windsurfers started off the day by looking at a totally flat, sun bathed, lake in Gizycko with the wind speed averaging at around 3kts. Although the forecast was not optimistic everybody was prepared for the wait and the race committee was eager to start racing as soon as conditions improved. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/05/2017 10:37:28

The 6th edition of the International Kalisz Windsurfing Regatta takes place once again this year 2-4 June 2017 on Lake Szale. Much more then just a windsurfing event, there will be plenty of entertainment on the beach and lots of prizes for participants. View the trailer for a taste of what's to come.

Posted On:  16/05/2017 19:43:50

"Lake sailing is very tricky, a lot of changes in the whole fleet, so I think it will be most important to sail consistently somewhere in the front," said defending Champion Patrik Pollak.  "As for today the first two starts were fine, but the last one not so good. I made all the wrong decisions, managed to finish 10th, but I'm not really happy with that," he added.......( more )

Posted On:  16/05/2017 08:31:24

Day zero, as we like to call it here at the Masters in Gizycko Poland, gave a chance for some of the sailors to go out and practice, others just chilled around the host club Ekomarina.......( more )

Posted On:  12/05/2017 14:55:52

Surfclub Domasa on the East Slovakian Lake Domasa hosted over the weekend the biggest windsurfing regatta in Slovakia in recent years with 48 competitors from 5 countries in Raceboard and BIC techno class.......( more )

Posted On:  19/04/2017 10:50:04

46 competitors from 12 countries have so far registered for the Raceboard Masters in Poland. The regatta will take place between the 15th and the 20th of May and will be held in Gizycko.......( more )

Posted On:  07/04/2017 18:36:44

With just one week to go till the end of the early bird discount for the Raceboard Masters in Gizycko, Poland - now is the best time to register for the event.......( more )

2017 Phantom Distributor Price
Posted On:  15/03/2017 14:00:30

Starboard will be supporting the Raceboard Class in 2017 by announcing a new lower price for their championship winning board - the Phantom 377 ( L) Race.
Purchase your new board through your distributor at the price of 2,700 euro (inclusive of taxes).
Check out details of the full range for 2017

Posted On:  17/02/2017 14:36:21

Club Nautic Salou is looking forward to hosting the 2017 Raceboard World Championships in Tarragona, Spain from 2nd to 7th July. CNS is the home spot of  Toni Colomar Torres who took second place on the podium at last year's European Championships in France.......( more )

Posted On:  19/12/2016 09:18:26

Packed with action and fun shots from all over the world, this FREE calendar produced by Patrik Pollak is available to download now

Posted On:  26/11/2016 11:28:03

With 10 bullets in the 15 race World Championship series, Ivan Pastor, the Spanish Olympian, took the 2016 Raceboard World title and the gold medal.  On receiving his title he offered "Congratulations to the organisation for this amazing championship and thanks to all the competitors."......( more )

Posted On:  24/11/2016 10:54:41

Testing conditions for many in the fleet, indeed "Damn windy conditions for race 11. Plenty of action to be seen!"   Three more races were completed, leaving two further races to round off the final day of the championships.......( more )

Posted On:  23/11/2016 21:43:21

Three races completed on day 3 of competition at the 2016 Slake Raceboard World Championships in Manly, Brisbane. 

Ivan Pasteur, Spain, made up for yesterday's drop in form to win all 3 races and to extend his lead over close rival Max Wojcik, Poland.  The "Crazy Spanish" is back in control. ......( more )
Posted On:  22/11/2016 17:44:42

One first and two second places in today's 4 races brought reigning World Champion Max Wojcik, from Poland, to within 2 points of Ivan Pastor, from Spain.  ......( more )

Posted On:  21/11/2016 20:18:51

Three wins from three races puts Ivan Pastor (ESP-7) at the top of the overall rankings at the 2016 Slake Raceboard World Championships hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, in Manly, Brisbane.  Ivan must be hoping to win his 3rd Raceboard World Title - last taking the honour in Blanes, Spain, 2014.......( more )

Posted On:  20/11/2016 15:37:03

The Raceboard class has brought its most prestigious event to the shores of Queensland, Australia, for the first time.  Australia has for many years laid claim to one of the largest national Raceboard fleets in the world and its members are regular travellers to Europe to take part in the annual Class World Championships.......( more )

Posted On:  29/09/2016 11:23:10

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association held on 26th August 2016 have now been published.

Posted On:  28/08/2016 08:12:05

The Raceboard and Division II European Championships have concluded in Brest, France with 90 competitors from 15 countries having entered the event. The biggest fleet was the Raceboard Men, but most importantly it was very good to see a strong Youth representation at the event. A sign that Raceboard can be attractive to sailors of all ages.......( more )

Posted On:  27/08/2016 07:57:22

All sailors were keen to get on the water today as the forecast showed sunny weather and wind from the early morning.  A welcome change after the disappointment of having no wind on the previous day.  The race committee planned 4 races and the first warning signal was set for 10:00. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2016 08:44:26

90 competitors from 15 countries have entered the European Windsurfing Festival in Brest, with the biggest fleet being the Raceboard Men. The sailors are definitely looking forward to a great week of racing ......( more )

Posted On:  20/08/2016 14:13:08

Monday 22 August sees the start of the European Raceboard Championships 2016. Organised by Crocodiles de L'Elorn Brest still in the euphoria of the Olympic medals in sailing in Rio, this event promises to be a success judging by the number of pre-entries. ......( more )

Raceboard AGM Agenda Published
Posted On:  12/08/2016 15:32:52

The AGENDA for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Raceboard Class Association on Friday 26th August 2016 in Brest, Brittany, France has been published.

2016 Baltic Challenge Cup
Posted On:  27/07/2016 12:58:45

The 2016 Baltic Challenge Cup for Techno 293 RS:X and Raceboard Youth & Masters will take place on Lake Kisezers, Riga, Latvia from 26th to 28th August.  All competitors can expect a great atmosphere and the first 5 foreign competitors to register by 10th August will get a free hotel accommodation. Register by Aug15th - registration fee is lower :)  Notice of Race

Raceboard Annual General Meeting 2016
Posted On:  18/07/2016 07:53:30

The AGM of the Raceboard Class will take place on the evening of 26th August in Brest, Brittany.

Posted On:  08/06/2016 11:50:15

CORK is excited to announce that registration is now open for CORK International, Sail Canada Youth and Senior Board Championships and Raceboard North Americans.  This Regatta will be hosted by CORK in cooperation with Sail Canada and the International Windsurfing Association.......( more )

Posted On:  04/06/2016 19:35:16

It was Slovakia's Patrik Pollak and the local Vita Matis, who triumphed in the 2016 Racboard Masters World Championships held on Kizezers lake in Riga, Latvia.

Light wind and sun dominated all 15 races, which were held during the 5 days of racing with only the final day providing wind speed of 20 plus knots.

......( more )
Posted On:  14/05/2016 18:53:05

Coming up on 3rd to 5th June 2016, don't miss the Major of Kalisz Cup taking place in Szale, Kalisz, Poland.  Maybe a small lake but definitely a big festival type of event with a 100 + boards racing watched by 15,000 spectators during the day on the beach.  ......( more )

Posted On:  14/05/2016 12:45:58

Last weekend, 7th and 8th May, Lake Domasa in East Slovakia hosted the first Supercup event of the 2016 season. 33 competitors from Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia sailed 7 races in 2 days. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/04/2016 13:02:35

The first Raceboard World Championship of 2016 will start at the end of May for Masters on Kizezers Lake, Riga, Latvia.  Get your entries in now to benefit from the early entry discount available only until the end of this month.......( more )

Posted On:  05/02/2016 13:00:38

Kizezers Lake, in Riga, Latvia, will be the host venue for the 2016 Raceboard Masters World Championship. Scheduled to take place from 31st May to 4th June the event includes the Riga Cup for RS:X and Techno 293 racers.......( more )

Posted On:  12/12/2015 12:36:47

For some, on this final competition day, it was a tense wait as the postponement flag fluttered under cloudy skies in anticipation of afternoon wind which eventually  provided good conditions for three races, making a total of 13 in all for the championship.......( more )

Posted On:  09/12/2015 12:34:54

The biggest fleet for a long time contested the 2015/16 Boardcrazy Australian Raceboard Titles at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron from 27-29 November.  In what looks like a resurgence in Raceboarding ahead of the November 2016 Worlds at the same venue in Brisbane, 41 competitors battled it out in a range of conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  05/12/2015 12:45:40

35 competitors from 7 nations completed registration at the 2015 South American Windsurfing Championships taking place in Paracus, Peru.

It is great news to see racers from 5 South American countries - Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela - being joined in Paracus by representatives from the Netherlands and USA.......( more )
Posted On:  19/09/2015 18:42:03

This year's Raceboard European Championships were hosted by the Andalucian Sailing Federation Centre, Puerto Sherry, in the beautiful Spanish city of El Puerto de Santa Maria. The 41 sailors from 10 countries could enjoy some of the best sailing conditions the place has to offer, ......( more )

Posted On:  19/09/2015 10:28:49

Conditions play a vital role in windsurfing and anybody, who has ever raced knows that waiting is part of the game. Today was one of those days. The forecast showed the wind dropping and the Race Committee led by Luky Serrano decided to start the races with no delay. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/09/2015 17:15:32

We're set for some exciting racing to the very end. The ladies are fighting hard and despite the small fleet of just 7 sailors, the podium places have not yet been secured. We've got a Youth, Senior, Grand Master and Veteran in the top 4. It's great to see the Youth fighting with Veteran sailors as equals. The more experienced ladies often come on top of this confrontation, just like today ......( more )

Posted On:  16/09/2015 19:26:20

As the forecast predicted that the wind will only build in strength today the Race Committee made a decision not to delay the starts and set out as scheduled. The day showed that the forecast proved correct, with wind speed building from 16 to around 20 kts during the racing and even more as the day went on.......( more )

Posted On:  15/09/2015 17:55:49

Strength not only in numbers from the French team with Nicolas Huguet winning all three races on the first day of the European Championships. The wins did not come easy though, the races were close and as Nicolas said, "You can never be comfortable." The Spanish Toni Colomar Torres was always close behind, even leading in the first race, he finished with two second places and a third. Third in the overall classification is Alejandro Buchau from Club de Surf Formentera. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/09/2015 20:22:29

A total of 41 competitors from 10 countries will take part in the Raceboard European Championships at the Andalucian Sailing Federation Centre, Puerto Sherry. 7 women and 34 men competing for the titles. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/09/2015 10:22:28

The Andalucian Sailing Federation Centre is ready for a week packed of exciting Raceboard racing and so are the windsurfers that have travelled to El Puerto de Santa Maria from all over Europe.......( more )

Posted On:  05/09/2015 21:28:27

Raceboard events are unique in many senses and the European Championship held at the Andalucian Sailing Federation Centre, Puerto Sherry, in the beautiful Spanish city of El Puerto de Santa Maria will not be an exception. The one thing that makes these regattas special is families.......( more )

Posted On:  30/08/2015 19:41:55

In just over two weeks, from the 13th to 19th of September, the bay of Cadiz, which is best known for international regattas like the Andalusian Olympic Week and the New Years Race, will welcome Raceboard sailors from all around the continent.......( more )

Posted On:  25/08/2015 15:47:07

Three great days, 65 athletes from three Baltic countries and more wind than expected in lake Kisezers.......( more )

2015 Baltic Challenge Cup .. enter now
Posted On:  15/08/2015 10:49:08

Kisezers Lake, Riga, from 21st to 23rd August
Notice of Race
Event Website
Enter Now
Venue for the 2016 Raceboard Masters World Championships

Posted On:  22/07/2015 19:04:34

Liepaja will be hosting the Formula Windsurfing European Cup and Baltic Cup Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Regatta this weekend.  Over three days from Friday to Sunday, the Latvian NeilPryde Baltic Cup will be held at Liepaja beach on the Baltic Sea coast, Latvia with competitors from Techno 293, RS:X, Formula Windsurfing, Raceboard and Formula Kite classes.......( more )

AGM Minutes published - Paul Leone re-elected Chairman
Posted On:  04/07/2015 16:01:10

The minutes of the 2015 Raceboard Annual General Meeting are now published.  It was an election year and the outgoing committee were unanimously re-elected to serve a further 2 year term.  The committee have also re-elected Paul Leone to serve as class Chairman.

Posted On:  15/06/2015 13:25:19

Rain and low wind on Tallinn Bay did not allow any races to be held on the last day of the Estonian NeilPryde Baltic Cup, so the final results for Formulas, Formula Kites, Raceboards and Techno 293's came down to the strong wind races of Friday, and for the Raceboards and Techno 293's also the low wind races of Saturday.......( more )

Posted On:  13/06/2015 21:18:13

Only two races were  possible today - but it was two more than expected with the forecast given.  However it was a long wait ashore before the Race Officer, Eva Jodkowska, felt conditions had improved sufficiently to bring the sailors out on the race course.  ......( more )

Posted On:  12/06/2015 20:46:53

Against the predicted forecast 3 races in good winds were achieved today and it was a mixed bag of results at the end of racing.  The day started off with 10 knots, it was sunny and a balmy 20 degrees Celsius.......( more )

Posted On:  11/06/2015 21:44:47

What a day in Sopot! 12 knots greeted competitors, it was warm and sunny and another brilliant race day with three bullets for Max!  2 back to back course races followed, after a break ashore, by one marathon race was scheduled and the plan worked perfectly.......( more )

Posted On:  10/06/2015 17:51:32

Competitors were greeted with 6-8 knots of wind over quite strong waves but both the men's and women's fleets got away with clear starts.  As the wind steadily built to 10 knots over the course area, Latvian Ilona Grinberga was determined to maintain her clean record  ......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2015 20:44:25

3 back to back races completed on day one, sunny with north-easterly wind around 9/10 knots for race 1, building to 14/15 knots during the afternoon, great racing and no protests!  It doesn't get better than that! ......( more )

Agenda Published for Annual General Meeting
Posted On:  24/05/2015 08:35:25

The Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association will be held on Thursday 11th June in Sopot, Poland during the Raceboard World Championships.  Agenda here

Posted On:  13/05/2015 17:55:11

The first ever Supercup - after a year of planning "it's finally alive"!

The Supercup Series has been created to make a platform for racing between club level and continental & world championship level.  ......( more )

Posted On:  01/05/2015 20:28:11

The AGM of the Raceboard Class will take place on Thursday 11th June in Sopot, Poland, during the 2015 World Championships.  The exact time and place shall be published on the Official Notice Board at the event.  ......( more )

Posted On:  22/04/2015 20:27:41

Don't miss the Naoned Race that will take place 8-10 May in Nantes (France), more accurately in Suce sur Erdre on Mazerolles lake.......( more )

Posted On:  11/02/2015 16:10:28

In the spring of 2012 the article published below appeared in Volume 22, Issue 2, of "Masters Matters", the journal of the Canadian Masters Windsurfing Association (CMWA).  A small group of enthusiasts came together to restart the windsurfing class they had loved, and they found out they were not alone ... ......( more )

Posted On:  27/01/2015 12:24:35

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Limited hosted the 2015 Boardcrazy Australian Raceboard Titles and Oceanic Championships on behalf of Windsurfing Queensland from 24th to 26th January in Manly, Brisbane.......( more )

Posted On:  03/01/2015 18:47:24

Three races for the Raceboard Fleet on the final day of the 2014 African Championships in Bejaia. Three separate race winners but there was no beating Kheireddine Boussaha (ALG-11) for the championship title.......( more )

Posted On:  03/01/2015 14:36:06

RS:X and T293 competitors completed 2 races whilst the Raceboard fleet completed one outside the harbour this morning in 15 plus knots of wind and it was cold! After a break, conditions in the afternoon became very shifty both in force and direction. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/01/2015 22:17:53

After days of rain and cold, the sun brightened the skies and enabled two races each for RS:X and Raceboard fleets and three races for the Techno 293 competitors.......( more )

Posted On:  01/01/2015 11:15:07

The race committee set a small course inside the harbour to take advantage of the conditions and competitors set out under chilly grey skies. Two good races were completed for Techno 293, Raceboard and RS:X.......( more )

Posted On:  30/12/2014 18:25:34

Photos of the opening day in the rain and the cold characterise the beginning of the 2014 African Windsurfing Championships for Techno 293, RS:X and Raceboard Classes taking place in Bejaia, 28th December to 4th January. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/12/2014 07:42:48

In the ninth edition of the Grand Prix of Argentina, Fernando Consorte took first place in the Raceboard class.  ......( more )

Posted On:  25/11/2014 11:47:56

The 2015 Board Crazy Australian Raceboard and Oceanic Championships will be held at RQYS in Manly, Queensland from 24th to 26th January 2015, the Australia Day long weekend. This is the first time such a Raceboard event has been held in Queensland for a long time and promises to be a great experience. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/10/2014 17:10:43

The Federation Algerienne de Voile (FAV) will host its first windsurfing African Championships from 28th December to 4th January in Bejaia. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/09/2014 08:15:51

Drama and excitement prevailed over the final two days of the Raceboard World Championships in Blanes.  Ivan Pastor (ESP-7), dominating the final series of races by taking the bullet each time ahead of defending champion, Maksymillian Wojcik (POL-7), was forced to retire from the third race of the penultimate day with a broken boom.  ......( more )

Posted On:  25/09/2014 21:09:43

Spaniard Ivan Pastor (ESP-7) and defending World Champion, Maksymilian Wojcik (POL-7), battled head to head off the same start line today as the men's division was re-grouped into Gold and Silver Flights. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/09/2014 21:49:31

An easterly wind of 8-16 knots brought perfect conditions for the maximum allowable four races on day two of the Raceboard World Championships, making a total of seven races in the qualifying round.  ......( more )

Posted On:  23/09/2014 19:41:13

Current Raceboard World Champion, Max Wojcik from Poland, Olympian Ivan Pastor from Spain and Ilona Grinberga from Latvia have each taken all three bullets in their respective fleets today, and all have ended day one with a four point lead over their nearest rivals.......( more )

Posted On:  22/09/2014 16:54:15

One hundred sailors from four continents pre-entered for this World Championship and registration has been open today for late entries. For several days now many participants have been arriving early and testing the waters of Blanes. ......( more )

Final Countdown to the Raceboard Worlds
Posted On:  16/09/2014 12:22:52

Just one week until the Raceboard World Championships kicks off and 100 competitors from 16 countries have signed up. On-line entry will close on Wednesday but cash entries will be taken on site on Monday 22nd from 10.00 to 17.00

AGM Agenda
Posted On:  16/09/2014 12:21:24

The agenda and supporting papers for the annual general meeting of the Raceboard Class to be held on Thursday 25 September at Club de Vela Blanes at 20.00 is available here

Posted On:  05/09/2014 18:00:05

Just a little over two weeks to the Raceboard World Championships to be held in Blanes, the Gateway to the Costa Brava, where excellent wind conditions are predicted. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2014 10:06:46

70 riders from 4 countries came to Windsurfing Club 360 to participate in 2014 Baltic Challenge Cup. Three racing days, 8 races for Raceboard, 7 races for Techno293 and 5 races for kids 3,5 group. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/08/2014 18:07:40

Twice Raceboard World Champion, Max Wojcik POL-7, is hoping to retain his title for the third year running at Club de Vela Blanes next month.  He thrashed the competition in the Czech Republic last year ......( more )

Posted On:  22/08/2014 17:36:14

Just three days left to claim your 30 euro early entry discount for the Raceboard World Championship at Club Vela Blanes on the Costa Brava from 22 to 27 September! ......( more )

Posted On:  10/08/2014 10:46:17

Competitors are reminded that they have until August 25th to claim their early entry fee discount for the upcoming Raceboard World Championship at Club Vela Blanes on the Costa Brava from 22 to 27 September.......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2014 14:16:43

Pawel Gardasiewicz (POL-102) takes the title of 2014 Raceboard European Men's Champion, 11 points clear of his tough rival Maksymilian Wojcik (POL-7) with Patrik Pollak (SVK-1) just three points behind in third place.......( more )

Posted On:  19/06/2014 14:16:52

Pawel Gardasiewicz, who took the bullet in every race to claim the Masters World Champion title at Windsurfing Marina Julia, Italy in June last year, was on fire today and has claimed the top spot on the leaderboard.  ......( more )

Posted On:  18/06/2014 14:31:51

Beautiful sunny skies greeted competitors on the second day of racing at the Ergo Hestia Raceboard European Championships in Sopot, Poland.  It was windy too but rather gusty.......( more )

Posted On:  17/06/2014 18:06:22

Three races heralded the start of the 2014 "ERGO HESTIA" Raceboard European Championships taking place in Sopot, Poland.  World Champion, Max Wojcik, racing on home turf, started as he means to continue with two firsts.  ......( more )

Posted On:  17/06/2014 15:27:45

Recall that in last year's World Championships played in the Czech Republic, after summarizing the results of the penultimate day, Patrick Pollak and Max Wojcik have the same number of points. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/04/2014 20:03:03

The Notice of Race is now available for the 2014 Raceboard World Championships.  This event hosted by Club Vela Blanes, near Girona in Catalonia, Spain, will take place from 22nd to 27th September.......( more )

Posted On:  31/03/2014 10:41:29

Martin Berardo (ARG-7) retains the title of South American Raceboard Champion, Fernando Consorte (ARG-355) pips Andres Anderson (ARG-119) to the silver post by just one point. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/03/2014 09:37:17

One thing is absolutely certain, Martin Berardo will retain the South American Raceboard Champion title, totally untouchable, having won all 12 races so far in this championship.  Another certainty......( more )

Posted On:  28/03/2014 10:21:27

When the sky is blue the wind starts blowing over Lake Potrerillos.  The sailors have had 5 races over two light wind days and now 15-22 knots is expected for the remainder of the Championships - a perfect combination to suit everyone and everyone has a chance to win . . . or so you might think!......( more )

Posted On:  27/03/2014 10:57:37

Three races completed in similar conditions to the day before has resulted in little change on the leaderboard.  Argentinian Martin Berardo has taken the bullet for every race so far and has a good 4 point lead over second placed Andres Anderson. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/03/2014 10:50:03

An unusually chilly start under grey skies for the South American Championships taking place on the beautiful waters of Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza.   ......( more )

Posted On:  31/01/2014 11:29:54

After what turned out to be a fantastic and varied 13 races over four days of racing 24th to 27th January at the Georges River Sailing Club, competitors were well and truly fatigued.......( more )

Hybrid Division added to South American Raceboard Championships
Posted On:  11/01/2014 16:17:00

The Notice of Race for the 2014 RACEBOARD SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS has been amended to include a "Hybrid Division" The Raceboard Championships are taking place 25th to 29th March 2014 at Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina, alongside the Techno 293 Championships. 

Posted On:  16/12/2013 21:54:53

The location for the 2014 Raceboard Oceanic Championships is back on Botany Bay in Sydney. One of the glamour locations for Sydney windsurfing and suitable in all directions of wind; this is one of Australia's premier racing locations. ......( more )

Navin Singsart wins 2013 Phuket Kings Cup
Posted On:  10/12/2013 15:17:48

The 2013 Phuket King's Cup Regatta began on December 1st with an official opening ceremony and a couple of races for the mono-hulls, multi-hulls, keel-boats and dinghies. But then it was time for the Phantom 295 to take centre stage! Navin Singsart grabbed a very deserved overall win with five 1st places and two 2nd places. Read the full report on Starboard.com

ISAF Publish Change To The Racing Rules of Sailing
Posted On:  07/12/2013 19:47:19

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has published an urgent change to rule B3.31 of the Racing Rules of Sailing. The change will be effective from 1 January 2014.  The urgent rule change was authorized during the ISAF Annual Conference in Oman as permitted by ISAF Regulation 28.1.2. 

Click here to download all changes and corrections made since the publication of the RRS 2013-2016.

Posted On:  08/10/2013 12:37:55

The 2014 South Americans for Raceboard and Techno 293 classes will be hosted on Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina, from 25th to 29th March.......( more )

Posted On:  03/10/2013 07:10:15

Boards Magazine followed the journey of Louis Morris, 3rd at the raceboard world championships (check it out here), now he joins us again to look back on reflect on a great competition. Read the article . . .

Posted On:  24/09/2013 12:13:19

"It was one of the most successful Raceboard Championship events. 110 competitors from all over the world is just one of many proofs that this class is growing. Why? My personal opinion is that it will keep growing as we, competitors, are enjoying it very much. ......( more )

Posted On:  14/09/2013 12:59:21

It's been a couple of weeks since 2013 Baltic Challenge Cup is over. But it's said that better later then never. Here is a little summary of the event:......( more )

Posted On:  12/09/2013 16:48:23

There is no school like the old school . . . With 110 competitors from over 18 countries and 4 continents registered for the 2013 Raceboard World Championships in Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic, it's clear that the raceboard class is making a huge comeback! ......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2013 10:08:53

No doubt about it, light winds are definitely more suited to Max Wojcik (POL-7) than to Patrik Pollak (SVK-1) as Max claimed all three bullets in the last three championship races and thus takes the title of 2013 Raceboard World Champion. ......( more )

Posted On:  07/09/2013 09:27:39

Three races today making a total of 7 in the qualifying series, with 6 to count.  Race five started on time after the 10 am warning signal with racers taking to the water in 8-10 knots of stable wind and glorious sunshine. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/09/2013 11:45:24

After 6 championship races, Algerian Bouras Hamza claims the title of Raceboard Men's African Champion, having scored 4 bullets and a second to count. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/09/2013 07:07:51

Two days of no wind has meant no racing. However, the organisers have ensured competitors have been entertained with a climbing contest on inflatable ISOLINE wall, presentation of JetSurf, paddleboarding, ......( more )

Posted On:  04/09/2013 06:53:01

With a near record entry of 110 competitors and 4 races completed the 2013 Raceboard World Championships have had an impressive start. It is also the first major windsurfing championships to be hosted in the Czech Republic ......( more )

Posted On:  02/09/2013 22:27:14

One of the biggest Raceboard World Championships of recent times is ready to kick off on the Nove Mlyny Reservoir on Tuesday 3 September with 112 racers from 14 countries and 4 continents......( more )

Posted On:  31/08/2013 06:02:04

The 2013 International Raceboard World Championships will take place from the 2nd-7th September on the Nove Mlyny Reservoir, in the south of the Czech Republic; Boards catches up with British competitor Louis Morris to find out more about the upcoming championships and his preparation…......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2013 17:59:45

The Raceboard World Championship taking place from 2nd -7th September 2013 will be the greatest sailing event of the year to be held at Lake Nove Mlyny, Yacht Club Dyje Breclav - Pavlov in the Czech Republic.  ......( more )

2013 AGM Agenda Published
Posted On:  24/08/2013 15:56:29

The agenda has now been published for the 2013 AGM of the International Raceboard Class taking place Thursday 5th September at the World Championships being held in Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic

Posted On:  16/08/2013 15:30:05

The 2013 TECHNO 293 & RACEBOARD AFRICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place from 2nd to 7th September at Marina Yasmine, Hammamet, Tunisia.  The organisers have produced a useful information sheet......( more )

Posted On:  14/08/2013 10:54:01

Useful information for the upcoming World Championship to be held in Nove Mlyny 2nd - 7th September 2013. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/08/2013 11:34:26

Time goes very fast when you realise that this was the 15th Neil Pryde Baltic Cup that just finished in Liepaja, Latvia. Fifteen years ago, the organizers created an idea to invite all Baltic windsurfers - from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - to join a new series of events.......( more )

Posted On:  05/07/2013 10:04:33

From 28th to 30th June 2013 windsurfing and kite boarding enthusiasts were welcomed to Estonia, Tallinn, Pirita beach. The NeilPryde Baltic Cup has been running for 15 years......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2013 10:05:45

This year's North Sea Cup Series Champions were decided at Wimereux, France.

The overall winners were:
1st - Sylvain DeHouve (FRA)
2nd - Philippe Dubois (FRA)
3rd - Hippolyte Bourel (FRA)
4th (& 1st woman) - Jenna Gibson (GBR) ......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2013 19:30:07

The Raceboard Youth and Masters World Championships have drawn to a close at Windsurfing Marina Julia, Monfalcone with just one more race on the final day, making a total of 6 races to count. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2013 13:43:41

Conditions were far from perfect here in Monfalcone today, but there is always the fun factor which makes events like this memorable. Patience paid off and later in the afternoon again 2 light wind races were sailed.......( more )

Posted On:  14/06/2013 12:17:20

Day three of the Youth and Masters Worlds in Monfalcone dawned bright and sunny . . . and calm.  However, the breeze kicked in during the afternoon enabling two races to be run, albeit in marginal planing conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  13/06/2013 06:53:06

A frustrating day 2 at the Raceboard Youth and Masters Worlds for both competitors and race committee. The first possible start scheduled for 11.30 was delayed until early afternnon as the wind eventually shifted into the right direction for the thermic breeze. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/06/2013 06:32:57

12 countries are represented at the Raceboard Youth and Masters World Championships taking place at Marina Julia, Monfalcone, Italy this week.  Sunny skies and warm weather, but only light breezes ahead of an afternoon storm, ......( more )

Posted On:  08/06/2013 09:55:06

The Federation Tunisienne de Voile (FTV) will be hosting the 2013 African Championships for Techno 293 and Raceboard classes in Port Yasmine, Hammamet, from 2nd to 7th September.......( more )

Posted On:  02/06/2013 06:38:13

The 2013 AGM of the International Raceboard Class will take place in the evening of Thursday 5th September at the World Championships being held in Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic.......( more )

Posted On:  20/05/2013 16:02:00

One of the most successful event series in recent years has announced some developments that will see further growth of the sport in the Baltic region. The Baltic Cup Series consists of 3 events hosted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/04/2013 09:11:13

The Portuguese Association of Windsurfing Festival announces the Wind-SUP Open Championship, organized by the Clube Naval de Cascais, with the support of the Portuguese Association of Windsurfing, 4 and 5 May 2013, in the Bay of Cascais.

Posted On:  04/04/2013 12:10:02

11 races and 40 competitors for the South American Raceboard Championships which took place on the waters of San Roque Lake, hosted by Club Nautico Cordoba, Argentina, from 28th March to 1st April.  ......( more )

Posted On:  31/03/2013 12:54:58

Board: Bat wing phantom 377 2013 or F2 380
Rig: Severne/ enigma 530/ alu boom......( more )

Posted On:  25/03/2013 13:17:02

The Raceboard and Techno 293 South American Championships, hosted by Club Nautico Cordoba, takes place from 28th March to 1st April.  ......( more )

Posted On:  25/03/2013 12:28:39

The Phantom 295 is a complete windsurfing package that includes a revolutionary racing board design and a complete rig

Starboard is proud to announce that the Phantom 295 will be available for charter at the Youth & Masters World Raceboard Championships in Monfalcone, Italy.......( more )

Posted On:  17/03/2013 09:32:24

We would like to invite you to take part in the Major of Kalisz Cup International Windsurfing Regatta, which will be held on 1-2 June 2013.......( more )

Posted On:  09/03/2013 07:35:06

Accommodation - To all the participants of the Youth & Masters Raceboard World Championships Villaggio Albatros offers 20% discount on all types of accommodation available, ......( more )

2013 Youth & Masters World Raceboard Championship
Posted On:  09/03/2013 07:22:13
Notice of Race has been published for the Youth & Masters Worlds to be held 11th to 15th June at Windsurfing Marina Julia, Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy.  Organised by the Associazione Velica Dilettantistica, you are guaranteed a very warm welcome by a well organised club with excellent facilities and a reputation for organising national and international regattas to a very high standard.
Posted On:  09/02/2013 07:35:39

We are delighted to invite you to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 in class RACEBOARD. The Czech Republic has the privilege of hosting this great event for the first time. The Czech Windsurfing Association has been carefully preparing the World Championship in cooperation with the hosting Yacht Club Dyje - Nove Mlyny and Rubio. ....( more )

Posted On:  28/01/2013 07:08:03

The final day of the Qantas 2013 Raceboard and Techno 293 Championship was abandoned due the extreme weather created by the ex-tropical cyclone Oswald. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/01/2013 07:02:51

The first day of the 2013 Oceanic Raceboard Championship saw a fleet of 27 sailors take to the idyllic waters of Hawks Nest NSW for four tough races. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/12/2012 11:18:13

Notice of Race has been published for the 2013 South American Windsurfing Championships to be held from 28th March to 1st April 2013 at Club Nautico Cordoba, Argentina.......( more )

Posted On:  05/12/2012 15:47:33

On the first weekend of December ended our 2012 Raceboard, Techno 293 and Hibrids State Windsurfing Championships.......( more )

Posted On:  03/12/2012 15:31:42

Once again the Downunder Pro will host the 2013 Oceanic Championships for Raceboard and Techno 293. The event returns to Hawks Nest, in New South Wales, and the championships will run from 26th to 28th January.......( more )

Posted On:  03/12/2012 09:35:32

Strong winds gusting to 22 knots delivered an exciting finale to the Phantom 295 Windsurfing event at the Phuket King's Cup Regatta. Three races (7, 8 and 9) were held back-to-back on Kata Beach.......( more )

Posted On:  27/11/2012 17:58:11

The 2013 Raceboard World Championship is set to be hosted from September 2nd through September 7th on Nove Mlyny lake at Yacht Club Dyje, Czech Republic.......( more )

Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Posted On:  11/11/2012 07:13:30

The Raceboard Class is delighted that the ISAF AGM has voted to reinstate windsurfing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and to have been able to contribute in a small way to the successful decision through its efforts and submission 055-12 which was selected and approved by the ISAF Events Committee.

The Raceboard Class wishes both the RSX class and the International Kite Association continued success and looks forward to the day when both sports can be part of the Olympic Games.

Posted On:  27/10/2012 17:28:22

Murcia has delivered a fantastic championship.  Alongside competition for the Techno Europeans, 13 great races have been provided for the Raceboard fleet. .......( more )

Posted On:  26/10/2012 21:24:06

A deceptively calm and misty start to Day 4 but the wind forecast came true and four good races were run for the Raceboard Fleet in 20-25 knots!  Today was the chance for many, who up until now had been wallowing in the light winds, to show their form.  ......( more )

Posted On:  25/10/2012 20:31:55

Olympian and Master Joao Rogrigues from Madeira has a clear lead in this Championship - after 6 races, with one discard, he has a perfect score of 5.  ......( more )

Posted On:  24/10/2012 21:42:08

It was late in the day when the gradient wind kicked in sufficiently to start a race - 5/6 knots - building to 8/9 briefly before dropping - and not possible to start a second race.......( more )

Posted On:  23/10/2012 21:05:45

38 seniors, youths and masters representing 11 countries, including the USA and Argentina, are competing at Club Nautico Mar Menor Los Alcazares for European titles alongside the Techno European Championships.......( more )

Posted On:  08/10/2012 07:09:58

After the successes at Yyteri, Finland and Medemblik Holland, Starboard announces their third Phantom 295 event this year. From the 1st until the 5th of December,The Kings Cup will take over Phuket. Download your notice of Race by clicking here. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/09/2012 12:58:15

We kindly invite you to the season's last big event in Latvia for Techno 293 and Raceboard racers - 2012 BALTIC CUP! From 28th until 30th of September ......( more )

Posted On:  22/09/2012 12:56:05

Loft Sails interview Alex after the Youth & Masters Worlds in Medemblik - "I arrived there two days before the first race. Fresh water and flat conditions, no waves.  ......( more )

Posted On:  02/09/2012 10:58:04

Entries are already coming for the Raceboard European Championships taking place 21-27 October at Los Alcazares. This event, running alongside the Techno 293 Europeans is also for Raceboard Youth and Masters titles. The organisers have arranged special accommodation rates ......( more )

Posted On:  18/08/2012 21:50:30

After a full set of 15 great championship races over 5 days, in a variety of wind conditions, Alex Buchau (ESP 36) is victorious in the Raceboard Masters Fleet,......( more )

Posted On:  18/08/2012 07:48:20

As predicted, after 12 races, Spaniard Alex Buchau is now at the top of the leaderboard as the second discard comes into play. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/08/2012 09:52:36

Despite not winning any races today, 39 year old Pedro Moura (POR 73) is now at the top of the Raceboard Masters Fleet, ......( more )

Posted On:  16/08/2012 07:24:38

Four races apiece on day two of the Raceboard Youths and Masters Worlds in Medemblik - the maximum allowed in one day - and proof that the organisers at the international sailing centre can deliver.......( more )

Posted On:  15/08/2012 10:18:40

Championship racing has begun in Medemblik on "warm up Tuesday" in sunshine and light winds. The aim was to have 3 races for each of the fleets......( more )

Posted On:  14/08/2012 00:00:00

Championship racing starts today (Tuesday) at the International Sailing Centre, Medemblik. The wind forecast looks good.  Stay tuned for news - continuous updates on Twitter. ......( more )

2012 Annual General Meeting - Agenda
Posted On:  02/08/2012 12:09:50

The agenda for the 2012 Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 15th August at the International Sailing Centre, Medemblik, Netherlands has now been published

Posted On:  04/07/2012 15:48:34

NeilPryde are offering free charter of RSOne at two upcoming championships: ......( more )

Posted On:  03/07/2012 13:50:20

The championship organisers in Murcia have agreed to a request from the class to make the Europeans open to any age raceboarder.......( more )

Posted On:  27/06/2012 15:21:27

The date of the 2012 Annual General Meeting has been set for Wednesday 15th August, during the Youth /Masters Worlds in Medemblik, Netherlands.

Please note the following schedule:......( more )

Posted On:  16/06/2012 15:58:21

Racing at the Raceboard Worlds is over. Final results are in.

After a long postponement it was only possible to do one race on the final day ......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2012 20:10:10

Clear skies and a light, but promising breeze, were soon replaced by fog and no possibility of starting racing at the Raceboard Worlds.  AP finally came down......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2012 20:04:31
Posted On:  15/06/2012 08:29:38

Max Wojcik, POL 7, appears unbeatable as he has won all eight races of the competition so far, and Patrik Pollak, SVK 1, has taken second in all eight. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/06/2012 10:27:58
Posted On:  12/06/2012 17:39:57

At close of registration 46 competitors had registered. In addition to the strong Finnish contingent, there are competitors from 10 countries representing 4 continents, including representatives from Japan, Argentina and Australia.......( more )

Posted On:  12/06/2012 08:45:26
Posted On:  10/06/2012 06:30:50

The 2012 Raceboard World Championships kicks off in Yyteri, Finland this week where World Champion Patrik Pollak, from Slovakia, took his third Raceboard European Champion title in 2011. Fantastic racing conditions allowed thirteen races ......( more )

Posted On:  25/05/2012 21:49:36

STOP PRESS . . . Charter price reduced.

Starboard, through their distributor in the Netherlands, Fox Sports, are offering the Phantom 295 and 377 for charter.......( more )

Two great raceboard events at the end of April
Posted On:  21/04/2012 08:32:49

For raceboarders looking for international experience why not check out these events:

North Sea Cup, The Grevelingendam, near Bruinisse, Netherlands
Notice of Race

and the Spring French National Cup, Le Yacht Club de Mauguio Carnon (YCMC), Carnon, France 
Notice of Race

Posted On:  25/03/2012 14:50:04

We pleased to announce that the event website has been updated with new items and new logo!! Check out accommodation information and find out more about the location. On-line entry will be available soon but meanwhile notice of race is here.

Test of the D2 by Tinho
Posted On:  19/03/2012 11:25:23
Every now and then there is a new board that comes out that truly intrigues me. The D2 combines some old design wisdom and performance with new modern high performance board design. Read Tinho's report here / view the video here
Posted On:  13/03/2012 12:45:21

For the Yyteri World Championship in Finland we also have the new Starboard Phantom 295 (310 Hybrid) available for charter.

There will be an additional prize division of "hybrid" - awarded to the top 3 finishers in the overall, world championship, rankings. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/03/2012 19:02:56

The Los Alcazares Junior, Youth & Masters European Championship will take place on the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, from the 21st to 27th October 2012.......( more )

Posted On:  07/03/2012 10:07:13

A little teaser - World Champion Dorian van Rijsselberghe invites you to the Raceboard Youth and Masters World Championships at Medemblik from 11 till 19 August 2012 taking place alongside the Techno293 World Championships

Posted On:  01/03/2012 19:08:49

The organiser of the Raceboard World Championships in Finland is pleased to announce the availability of Exocet charter. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/02/2012 15:58:46

Ex World Champion Dave Hackford is one of the first to get his hands on the new Starboard Phantom 377 in the UK.  Read his review . . .

2012 Oceanic Raceboard Championship
Posted On:  29/01/2012 12:02:48

John Demol continued his domination with 4 out of 4 today, making for a worthy Oceanic Raceboard Champion for 2012 . . . (more)

Posted On:  10/01/2012 16:05:41

Fernando Consorte, ARG 355, was the winner of the Raceboard Fleet. Brazilian Dulter Manhaes held on to second place but Jorge Rebello, BRA 2, took third with a couple of bullets on the last day. FINAL RESULTS ......( more )

Posted On:  09/12/2011 11:33:10

Starboard are supplying boards and rigs for charter at the Worlds to be held in Yyteri, Finland in June 2012.

If you wish to charter please apply NOW - do not delay!......( more )

Posted On:  02/12/2011 10:11:39

The 2012 Raceboard Oceanics will take place from 27th to 29th January at Jimmy's Beach, Hawks Nest, New South Wales, in Australia.......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2011 16:22:47

Hybrid Raceboards are defined as any ISAF Approved Production Raceboard that is 310 cm, or less, in length.

For the Raceboard Youth Championships only Hybrid boards will be permitted. The boards currently classified as hybrid include:......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2011 15:38:28

Three new models of "longboard" have been registered with ISAF and are now eligible to be raced in Raceboard Class championships and international events.

They are:......( more )

Posted On:  02/11/2011 13:49:29

After 5 days of racing, and 12 races competed in wide range of conditions, Fernando Lamadrid (ESP 951) emerged as European Masters Champion. It was a very close battle between Fernando and second placed Franck Luop (FRA58) with only one point separating them at the close of racing. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/10/2011 06:56:32

The recent (2011) AGM approved the following changes to the Championship Rules:......( more )

Equipment Registration Forms - Cagliari
Posted On:  05/10/2011 19:44:28

If you are entered for the forthcoming Europeans in Cagliari you can save time and effort by preparing your Equipment Form now, printing a copy, and bringing it with you to registration.

Posted On:  04/10/2011 11:13:53

Congratulations to Allessandro Alberti, the 2011 Italian Raceboard Champion.  This year's championship was hosted by Club Canottieri Roggero Di Lauria, over the weekend of 1/2 october.......( more )

Phantom Action
Posted On:  27/09/2011 12:45:52
Posted On:  12/09/2011 22:23:21

A light breeze on the last day allowed masters windsurf raceboards to go out and race in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Three races were completed which, when added to the four raced yesterday, introduced one discard.......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2011 16:37:33

Patrik Pollak (SVK 1), Harriet Ellis (GBR 607) and Santi Arteaga (ESP 1) have been declared men's, women's and youth champions at the end of the Raceboard World Championships 2011. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2011 08:01:44

Only one very light wind race was possible this afternoon - it was late afternoon before racing eventually got underway.  ......( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2011 07:56:31
Posted On:  08/09/2011 13:45:20

After approximately 75 minutes the first three finishers of the long distance race were - SVK 1, ESP 66, ESP 9.  ......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2011 07:32:06

What a battle we have for the Raceboard Men's World Champion Title! After three more races, 2 bullets and a second puts Curro Manchon (ESP 9) back at the top, one point ahead of yesterday's leader Patrik Pollak (SVK 1). ......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2011 18:49:09

A light offshore breeze greeted competitors at the start of day two of the raceboard world championships but it was looking good for racing.  ......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2011 06:46:18
Posted On:  05/09/2011 18:38:40

70 competitors from 15 nations representing 4 continents have registered for this championship. Hosted by Club Nautico Hospitalet Vandellos we had a very nice opening ceremony last night. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2011 18:21:10
Agenda and proposals have been published for the Raceboard AGM to be held on Thursday, 8th September, 2011, at the Club Nautico Hospitalet - Vandellos, L'Hospitalet de L'Infant, Spain.
Raceboard Worlds!
Posted On:  22/08/2011 10:24:34
Club Nautic Hospitalet - Vandellos have produced a nice event brochure - click here to view
Posted On:  03/08/2011 16:03:46

The AGM of the Raceboard Class will be held on Thursday 8th September. The meeting will take place in the evening, after racing, at this year's world championship to be held in L'Hospitalet de L'Infant, Tarragona (nr Barcelona) Spain. The exact time and venue will be published on the event official notice board.......( more )

Posted On:  01/08/2011 13:06:51

With just over one month to the start of this year's Raceboard World Championships - a couple of reminders.......( more )

2012 Raceboard Worlds confirmed for Yyteri, Finland
Posted On:  30/07/2011 11:37:59

The event will take place from 11th to 16th June at the venue of the 2011 Europeans . . . read more

Posted On:  28/07/2011 17:15:06

Sat 20th - Sun 21st August - The UKWA in association with the LWA will be hosting Raceboard Open Training at Queen Mary Sailing Club.......( more )

Posted On:  26/07/2011 12:13:43

Near perfect racing conditions all week for competitors racing in the Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships in San Francisco.  Vincent Huegenin (SUI 9) took home top honors with Fernando Consorte (ARG 155) in second and Jean Asia (FRA 171) in third.

Posted On:  13/06/2011 13:30:53

CW - Congratulations Patrik - how does it feel to be European Champion?......( more )

Posted On:  12/06/2011 15:43:54

Patrik Pollak, SVK, from Slovakia, is the 2011 Raceboard European Champion. With only one race possible on this the last day of the championship, ......( more )

Posted On:  11/06/2011 19:03:30

There was always the possibility of thunderstorms, although the forecast predicted they would hit tomorrow. With temperatures rising to 34c on the beach, and no wind, the race officer postponed the first possible start of racing until 14.00hrs. ......( more )

Interview with Event Director - Anne Karki
Posted On:  11/06/2011 19:01:00

Third in Ceri's series of interviews, the Raceboard Europeans Event Director, Anne Karki, is in the spotlight

Read the interview

Posted On:  11/06/2011 11:15:31

Meet Sanna, Race Officer for the Raceboard Europeans, interviewed by Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary.

Posted On:  11/06/2011 10:32:11

A perfect day for overnight leader Patrik Pollak (SVK 1) - 4 races and 4 wins, which brings the 2011 European title one day closer.......( more )

Posted On:  10/06/2011 14:24:50

Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary, caught up with Marianne at the Raceboard Europeans in Yyteri, Finland to ask her a few questions. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/06/2011 07:07:08

There was no change in the podium positions at the end of day two in Yyteri, Finland, however further down the rankings there was movement.......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2011 06:18:58

Racing began today at the Raceboard European Championships in Finland in unseasonal, but very welcome, conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2011 06:01:01

The Raceboard Europeans takes place from 8th to 12th June, hosted by the SPLL Finnish Boardsailing Association and Yyteri Surfcenter. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/06/2011 13:33:44

Once again the Sicily Grand Prix brought the 26th edition of World Festival on the Beach to a successful conclusion. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/05/2011 06:16:08

Just three days left to claim your 20 euro discount off your entry to the Raceboard Europeans. This event will take place from 8th to 12th June, hosted by the SPLL Finnish Boardsailing Association and Yyteri Surfcenter. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/05/2011 12:36:47

Windsurfing Club Cagliari, organisers of the 2011 Junior Youth & Masters European Championships, have gone live with the event website. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/04/2011 09:50:43

Enter your name by 16th May and you will get a discount!  The second official European Masters Games will be held in Friuli Venezia Giulia from 10th to 20th September 2011. Racing for boards will be over 3 days 12th to 14th September. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/03/2011 10:01:56

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the option nearest to St Francis Yacht Club.

Click here for some useful information regarding transfers from airports to StFYC.......( more )

On the Road to Perfection
Posted On:  23/03/2011 15:26:33

"It's all about balance; and I do not mean only your balance on the board.  In the next few articles I would like to give some advice to all of you who want to improve your sailing on longboards."  Read the first of Patrik Pollak's articles here and look out for future articles to be posted in our new Tips & Tricks section.

Posted On:  20/03/2011 17:08:47

As announced last year, the Raceboard Class has been selected as equipment for the windsurfing event in the 2011 European Masters Games to be held in Lignano, Italy. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/03/2011 10:17:20

It was in the early seventies when Marina del Rey in Los Angeles was ground zero for the Windsurfer One Design class. ......( more )

Posted On:  14/03/2011 14:16:18

The dates for the forthcoming European Junior, Youth and Masters Championship in Cagliari, Sardinia, have been amended by one day.......( more )

Posted On:  11/03/2011 08:53:19

Competitors, coaches and parents are reminded to check if they are required to apply for a visa for entry to the USA.......( more )

Posted On:  28/02/2011 11:37:52

The 26th edition of World Festival on the Beach will take place in Mondello, Palermo, Sicily from the 16th to 22nd May 2011. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/02/2011 12:06:29

The Notice of Race is now published for the Raceboard, & Raceboard Youth, World Championships to be held from 3rd to 10th September, hosted by Club Nautico Hospitalet-Vandellos.......( more )

Posted On:  02/02/2011 09:45:00

The organising committee are pulling out all the stops to assist competitors and coaches, with their planning towards the Masters worlds.......( more )

Posted On:  28/01/2011 20:12:54

Cagliari, capital of the island of Sardinia, will be the venue for the Junior Youth and Masters European Championships taking place from 24th to 29th October.......( more )

Posted On:  22/01/2011 18:04:45

Yyteri is located very close to the city of Pori on the west coast, 250km from Helsinki and 150km from Turku. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/01/2011 08:05:56

It was an early start on the last day. It was blowing already at 10:30am around 10 knots and sailors were keen to go out.  ......( more )

Posted On:  06/01/2011 18:09:53

Some news regarding North American Windsurfing Championships in Cozumel Island.......( more )

Posted On:  05/01/2011 10:11:22

The famous Golden Gate bridge will form a spectacular backdrop to the 2011 Junior, Youth & Masters Windsurfing World Championships. Physically beautiful and naturally demanding, ......( more )

Posted On:  29/12/2010 08:59:35

Light easterly winds for the final day of the Oceanic Championships meant only one race before the final presentation.  John Demol AUS 734 had a very convincing win ......( more )

Posted On:  13/12/2010 16:40:31

There is only a few weeks to go until the 2011 Windsurfing Oceanic Championships begins and the weather has finally swung to warm conditions.  ......( more )

Posted On:  17/11/2010 11:12:24

The 2011 Raceboard South American Championship will take place at Peru Beach Club, Buenos Aries, Argentina, from 10th to 15th January. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2010 14:34:25

The class committee have received some requests for a clarification about the maximum sail size rule. The newsitem published on this topic on 21st September was considered to be unclear about the status of the published class rules, particularly with regard to the permitted sail tolerance should a sail need to be measured - ie CR C.8.1 (c).......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2010 09:54:08

Raceboard Class is invited to take part in the SIM 30th Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship, hosted by Windsurfing Association Singapore from 12th to 16th January 2011.

Posted On:  11/11/2010 10:11:01

The Raceboard North American Championships will take place from 17-20 February 2011 at the North Hotel Zone, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico - "Heaven on earth" ......( more )

Posted On:  02/11/2010 21:33:20

The 3rd edition of the Buzios International Regatta (BIR) will be hosted by Buzios Vela Clube in Armacao de Buzios, RJ, Brasil. ......( more )

2011 Oceanic Windsurfing Championship
Posted On:  17/10/2010 13:57:49

The 2011 Oceanic Windsurfing Championship is being held on Lake Illawarra, Wollongong, NSW with the event control centre based at The Illawarra Yacht Club. This event brings together three of the main windsurfing classes . . .(more)

Posted On:  29/09/2010 17:15:58

The Raceboard Class has been selected as equipment for the windsurfing event in the 2011 European Masters Games to be held in Lignano, Italy.......( more )

2011 Calendar update
Posted On:  22/09/2010 12:01:40

The 2011 championship calendar is now published - with the dates confirmed for all continental championships, except the Asian event which is expected to be announced soon. Notices of Race are being drawn up and will be published as quickly as possible. (link to event page) National Associations are invited to submit events for inclusion in the T293 calendar. Please send full details including date, venue, notice of race (as soon as available), contact details and website details to - raceboard@internationalwindsurfing.com

Posted On:  21/09/2010 08:55:29

Following on from recent comments received expressing concerns about the new "sail tolerance rule", the class committee is reviewing the wording of the rule, with a view to retracting the rule. The intention was to modify class rules to allow the use of RSX 9.5 and 8.5 sails - as agreed by the 2009 AGM. ......( more )

Posted On:  14/09/2010 08:59:31

The "Coca-Cola Zero Windsurfer Vintage Cup" was held during the second weekend of July, at the center NALOO Marina di Palo (Rome).  A very special amateur race with boards designed more than 25 years ago! The Mythical Windsurfer! ......( more )

Posted On:  28/08/2010 09:49:07

All Windsurfers - Grip it and Rip it - September 25/26th at the first Mana Mana East Coast AMSLAM Windsurfing Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/08/2010 13:56:15

The 2010 edition of the Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championship will be held from 21 - 27 September 2010.......( more )

Posted On:  18/08/2010 10:12:32

The minutes of the AGM held in Martigues, France, at the end of July, are now published.

The committee welcome a new member - Fernando Consorte from Mendoza, Argentina. The committee are still looking for a final member to co-opt, and they must represent a national association from either North America or Oceania. Any volunteers? ......( more )

Posted On:  13/08/2010 15:32:36

Sopot is one Poland's most popular windsurfing regatta spots. This year for the 9th time windsurfers from around Europe came to compete during Ergo Hestia President's Cup.......( more )

Posted On:  03/08/2010 16:19:35

Two races were completed on the final day at the Martigues 2010 World Championships- one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.
To catch the forecast early morning breeze the racing started at 9.00 am - committing competitors , coaches and race crew to an early arrival at the race site. ......( more )

Two for the Youths on Day 4
Posted On:  31/07/2010 00:27:47

The strong mistral wind returned again but late in the afternoon the Race Committee were able to run two races for the youth fleet.  Jerome Pasquette won the first race of the day so he is now in bronze position, Louis Giard holds on to second place, leaving Thomas Goyard - who won the second race today - at the top of the leaderboard.  Fingers crossed for good winds tomorrow, the last day of competition.

Results Raceboard Youth after 6 races

Posted On:  30/07/2010 13:12:22

The Race Committee managed to complete three races for all fleets (except Raceboard Youth) today despite testing conditions and the late start to proceedings.  Patrik Pollak (SVK 1) has stamped his authority on the Raceboard Masters Fleet ......( more )

Posted On:  28/07/2010 14:49:53

The second day of racing promised a big improvement on the day before when it was impossible to race - too much wind!......( more )

Posted On:  28/07/2010 05:44:57

43 youths and 28 masters from 11 countries have joined the biggest windsurfing championship for 20 years as Techno 293 smash their previous record competition entry.  ......( more )

Posted On:  21/07/2010 10:46:02

Be part of the action and bring the entire family when the 2010 Canadian Masters Windsurfing Championships kick off August 6-8, 2010, on Wabigoon Lake in Dryden, Ontario.......( more )

Posted On:  15/07/2010 11:23:22

The 2010 Annual General Meeting will take place at the Worlds venue in Martigues, France. The committee want all member national class associations to participate.

If your association cannot appoint a delegate to attend, it is still possible to participate by returning the Voting Paper. This year we have added a section for comments - the committee want to hear from members about current and future developments.
Posted On:  23/06/2010 14:18:36

The Notice of Race for the 2010 edition of the Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championship is now published.  ......( more )

Posted On:  19/06/2010 18:47:55

Light winds on the last day of the Raceboard World Championships in Liepaja limited the competitors to just one race to complete the 14 race series. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/06/2010 18:16:42

No change at the top of the rankings at the end of day 4 of racing at the 2010 Raceboard Worlds in Liepaja, Latvia.  Another great day of racing, 4 races in near perfect conditions, ......( more )

Posted On:  17/06/2010 16:37:56

A beautiful sunny day greeted the competitors arriving at the beach for the third day of racing; however there was very little wind and it was not until the afternoon that it was deemed sufficient for the race officer to call out the racers to the starting area. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/06/2010 16:18:51

Sun and good winds throughout the day ensured 4 great races were completed on day 2 of the Liepaja Raceboard World Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2010 20:14:41

The world championship in Liepaja, Latvia, got off to a good start on day one - with 3 races completed and a championship validated. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/06/2010 19:35:02
Posted On:  15/06/2010 11:20:39

Many competitors wasted little time getting on the water today to test their equipment ready for the start of racing tomorrow. The steady onshore winds of the past few days ensured it was a "challenging" session, and some will be hoping that the wind direction changes before 11.00 am tomorrow! ......( more )

Posted On:  31/05/2010 06:10:19

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association, to be held on Sunday, 25th July, 2010 at Cercle de Voile de Martigues, France. The detailed location of the meeting room will be published on the event official notice board. The meeting will be scheduled to start at 19.30, and will follow the IWA AGM.

Posted On:  26/05/2010 16:57:55

Following on from the success of the 2009 Europeans - Liepaja, Latvia, is hosting the 2010 Raceboard Worlds. Liepaja is known throughout Latvia as "the city where the wind is born", possibly because of the constant sea breeze.......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2010 07:40:46

The Class Rules (equipment rules) have been updated.  The revision was needed to take account of changes to ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS), and therefore the format was changed.  Rules were also amended due to changes in the Advertising Code (Regulation 20) and legal requirements for personal buoyancy.

Posted On:  12/04/2010 13:46:27

Notice of Race has just been published for the 2010 Youth & Masters World Championships taking place alongside the Techno 293 World Championships in Martiques, France 24-31 July.

Posted On:  13/03/2010 10:33:28
The 25th edition of the famous World Festival on the Beach will take place in Mondello, Sicily, from 15th to 23rd May 2010. This year's event includes the 2010 Sicily Grand Prix.......( more )
Women in Windsurfing campaign
Posted On:  14/02/2010 22:57:39
IWA has now put in place a Women's section on the IWA website.  Help us to make this section grow by sending us your articles, photos and info to contribute to this area - e-mail - "To encourage, support and motivate women in windsurfing, improve their status and boost the participation of women (competing) in windsurfing worldwide."
ARG win South American Championships
Posted On:  31/01/2010 20:21:14
The weather was the only winner on the final day of racing at the 2010 South American Championships.  No rain today, instead hot and humid but, unfortunately, no wind.  The overnight results stand with Andres Andersen (ARG 2) declared South American Champion; and Fernando Consorte (ARG 355) Masters Champion.

Posted On:  31/01/2010 13:01:07
A frustrating day for all - the race committee and the competitors!......( more )
Posted On:  29/01/2010 17:36:06
It rained throughout the third day of racing, as was forecast, and only 2 races were possible in the light winds that never exceeded 7 knots. ......( more )
Posted On:  29/01/2010 10:52:29
Despite the promising forecast the start of racing was delayed due to lack of wind; however 2 of the planned 3, back to back, races were completed ......( more )
Posted On:  28/01/2010 20:53:05
Racing began on schedule at day one of the 2010 South American Championships; however light to marginal winds limited the race officer to starting two races.  ......( more )
Posted On:  27/01/2010 11:30:06
Registration was completed today for the inaugural South American Championships, hosted in Sao Paulo, Brasil, by the Sao Paulo State Sailing Federation.  ......( more )
Posted On:  23/01/2010 17:38:09
Another two races on the final day of the championship and despite the light winds, and not scoring a win in today's racing, EK Boonsawad (THA 30) did enough to keep his place at top of the podium.......( more )
Posted On:  22/01/2010 10:00:23
A further 2 races were completed today in light winds.  A strong current throughout race 8 made for a longer race than usual......( more )
Posted On:  20/01/2010 09:57:12
Two races today for raceboard and MOD competitors in light, increasing to medium, wind conditions. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/01/2010 12:53:12
Three races today for raceboard and MOD competitors in medium, increasing to strong, wind conditions.  In the first race for raceboarders Ek Boonsawad (THA 30) took the win, ......( more )
Posted On:  18/01/2010 11:49:45
Posted On:  18/01/2010 08:12:22
Racing got underway today as scheduled, with two races for the Raceboard/MOD racers.  With winds averaging 14 to 17 knots, and maxing at 20 knots, it was the perfect start for this fleet. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/01/2010 12:26:14
The Mayor of Pattaya, and President of Windsurfing Association of Thailand (WATH) Mr Ittipol Koonpluen, welcomed athletes, officials, and representatives of the sponsors, to the opening dinner for the 2010 Asian Championship, ......( more )
Posted On:  13/01/2010 10:10:07
Join us in Merritt Island - March 5-7, 2010 for this 25th event for Formula, FE, Kona, Techno & Longboards.......( more )
Posted On:  04/01/2010 11:24:58
Three races. back to back, for all divisions on the final day of racing at the 2010 European Championships. ......( more )
Posted On:  31/12/2009 06:26:30
Day two of the championship produced wind and waves in abundance, but today the sail out of the harbour channel to the course area was "manageable" for most of the fleet.

Three races, back to back, for both youth and masters.......( more )

Results from Cadiz
Posted On:  30/12/2009 20:26:27
For the latest race results, go to  http://www.windsurfingresults.com/
Posted On:  30/12/2009 00:00:00
Challenging conditions faced the competitors at the first day of racing of the 2010 European Championship.  ......( more )
Posted On:  17/12/2009 20:34:38
James Grunfelder sailed strongly in both the windy conditions on Friday and Sunday as well as the lighter conditions on Saturday to record a well deserved win in both the Australian Raceboard Championships and the Oceanic Championships.  ......( more )
Posted On:  17/11/2009 23:18:15
An annual event, the 29th SIM-Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship is the biggest event on the Singapore windsurfing calendar which sees top local windsurfers being pitted against the best in the region. ......( more )
Posted On:  13/11/2009 12:21:07
The 2010 FISHER & PAYKEL AUSTRALIAN & OCEANIC RACEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held from Friday, December 4th to Sunday, December 6th 2009 at the Illawarra Yacht Club, Wollongong, NSW, Australia. ......( more )
The Original Windsurfer
Posted On:  17/10/2009 00:00:00
Welcome to the story behind windsurfing's first decade, from 1967 to 1977 . . . windsurfing grew and thrived thru the dedication of Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer, my parents." Read Ted Schweitzer story
2010 South American Championships
Posted On:  05/10/2009 14:28:08
The Notice of Race has now been published for the 2010 T293 and Raceboard South American Championships - a 2010 Youth Olympic Games Qualification Event for Techno 293 Class - to be held in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil from 25th January 2010 to 31st January 2010.
Posted On:  19/09/2009 13:46:34
The Notice of Race and online entry have now been published for the Techno 293/ Raceboard Youth and Masters (JYM) European Championships. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/09/2009 21:45:22
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held on Monday 24th August, 2009, at WPNSA, Portland, UK, have now been published.
Posted On:  30/08/2009 07:48:15
Benoit Bigot flew the flag for France at the top of the Raceboard Youth fleet - as four French sailors finished inside the top five.  Olivier Pinlou claimed silver having been leapfrogged by his friend into pole position on the last race, and Ali Masters GBR was third.......( more )
Posted On:  29/08/2009 07:35:55
Breezes gusting over 40 knots made racing an impossibility on day five of the 2009 IWA Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA).......( more )
Posted On:  28/08/2009 10:49:07
France's Olivier Pinlou leapt to the top of the Raceboard Youth rankings before insisting "I must do better tomorrow" on day four of the IWA Junior, Youth and Masters Windsurfing World Championships.......( more )
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  28/08/2009 10:45:47
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  27/08/2009 07:41:38
Posted On:  27/08/2009 07:27:50
Five-time Olympian and 1996 Olympic Champion Nikos Kaklamanakis made light work of atrocious conditions in Portland Harbour to move stealthily up the Raceboard Masters rankings at the 2009 IWA Junior, Youth and Masters Windsurfing World Championships today (Wednesday 26 August).......( more )
Posted On:  26/08/2009 09:10:04
Ali Masters (GBR) heads the Raceboard Youth pack, breaking up France's day one domination of the fleet. Overnight leader Fabian Pic (FRA) lays just a point behind in second with fellow countryman Olivier Pinlou, who took the bullet in race 4, in third. ......( more )
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  25/08/2009 16:41:15
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  25/08/2009 14:55:55
Posted On:  25/08/2009 08:41:46
Portugal's Joao Rodrigues scored a double bullet to sit atop the Raceboard Masters rankings, the 2008 RS:X World Championships silver medallist and four-time Olympian bossing proceedings after their opening two races. ......( more )
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  24/08/2009 17:12:55

First race for youth boys on day one - provisional results

Results after second race, day one youth boys 

JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Results
Posted On:  24/08/2009 14:43:32
2 races for the masters on the first day of competition - provisional results

Event photos courtesy of Vincenzo Pottino.

Posted On:  23/08/2009 20:32:55
The curtain officially went up on the 2009 IWA Junior, Youth and Masters Windsurfing World Championships today (Sunday 23 August) with an astonishing record entry of 350 sailors ready and raring for racing to get underway tomorrow.......( more )
Posted On:  20/08/2009 10:57:18
A host of potential Olympic stars of the future and those who still cut the mustard at the top level will descend on Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) from this Saturday (22 August) for the 2009 IWA Junior, Youth and Masters Windsurfing World Championships.......( more )
Posted On:  16/08/2009 23:04:41
With less than one week to go until this year's World Championship in Weymouth here is some useful info and reminders.......( more )
Posted On:  14/07/2009 21:50:52
The record entry of 114 surfers from 15 nations in the Raceboard World Championship 2009 sailed 12 races during the Championship. "This is the biggest fleet in a World Championship of the Raceboard Class, we have seen for more than 20 years", Murat Tueten from the German Windsurfing Association, who organised the event, raved. ......( more )
Raceboard Worlds Warnemeunder
Posted On:  13/07/2009 14:16:42
At Warnemuende, in the biggest World Championship Raceboard event of the last 20 years, Maksimilian Woycik POL wins after 12 races with Martin Moritz GER in second place and Patrik Pollak SVK in third.

In the women's fleet Germany's Gabi Schlotmann beat the Czechs Martina Hruba and Jana  Slivova into 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

FULL RESULTS:  Overall Men / Raceboard 7.5 Men

Equipment List

Posted On:  10/07/2009 14:02:07
The 72nd Warnemunde Woche, host for the 2009 Raceboard Worlds, has recorded a record entry, with 113 competitors from 16 countries, representing 3 continents.......( more )
Raceboard Worlds Warnemeunder
Posted On:  06/07/2009 23:38:19
113 competitors from 15 nations have entered the championships and have enjoyed the opening ceremony. Tomorrow first start at 11h in two fleets.  Stay tuned for more news or visit the event website
Posted On:  30/06/2009 23:07:35
Attendances are growing again in this established series of events. Wimeraux attracted a good entry, with over 20 more competitors than last year. Competitors came from NDL, GER, BEL, GBR and FRA. ......( more )
Posted On:  08/06/2009 09:07:32
With a near faultless display Patrik Pollak (SVK 1) took the 2009 Raceboard European title.  In the first race of the day he was sailing true to form with yet another win; but even champions can make mistakes!  In the second race of the day Patrik sailed to the wrong mark and a lengthy detour meant he could only make fourth place. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/06/2009 11:45:02
On the the 3rd day of racing in Liepaja, Latvia, four races were completed for all fleets.......( more )
Posted On:  06/06/2009 10:32:27
Leipaja, Latvia, is playing host to 2 major events as part of an inaugural Festival of Windsurfing - the 2009 Raceboard European Championships and round one of the 2009 Baltic Sea Cup.  ......( more )
JYM Worlds - Weymouth, UK - Camping
Posted On:  04/06/2009 16:27:53
Stop Press . . . Local Government Regulations mean that WPNSA regrettably cannot accept any campervans/caravans on site from the 16th August through until the 21st September. 

The WPNSA and the RYA are aware that this impacts greatly on the event and have arranged for an alternative camping ground near WPNSA (5-10 minute walk) which can accomodate caravans, tents & campervans. The postcode of the site is DT5 1AU.

We are very sorry for the invonvenience this may cause but hope by providing an alternative camping ground near to WPNSA competitors can still continue to enjoy all the facilites WPNSA has to offer while your accomodation is only a few minutes up the road.

More information and book on-line:  http://www.wpnsa.org.uk/camping.html

North Sea Cup Brouwersdam this weekend
Posted On:  03/06/2009 22:46:23
The Northseacup 2009 in the Netherlands will be held on June 6th and June 7th at the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands.  Open to all competitors in FW/FE, Techno 293 and Raceboard for just Eur 25, including a meal on Saturday, payable on arrival.  Notice of Race
Posted On:  20/05/2009 18:43:15
Club Nautique de Wimereux look forward to welcoming competitors of all classes and all ages to the 3rd stage (final) of the 2009 North Sea Cup.  ......( more )
Posted On:  16/05/2009 14:25:52
We have been able to secure a limited amount charter equipment for the forthcoming Raceboard World Championships in Warnemunde - courtesy of Starboard and Tushingham Sails. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/04/2009 15:50:13
Two races today, the final day in Lacanau. At first the conditions did not look promising, but patience prevailed and we were rewarded with 2 more races to give a series of 10 for all fleets. ......( more )
Posted On:  03/04/2009 22:49:10
The 2009 Raceboard and IMCO European Championships will take place from 4th to 7th June as part of the Liepaja Windsurfing Festival. ......( more )
Posted On:  29/03/2009 12:25:39
An enthusiatic fleet of 37 raceboarders competed in the 2009 South American Championships held on Lake Potrerillos, near Mendoza in Argentina. ......( more )
Posted On:  21/03/2009 12:43:18
If you are visiting the UK for a short time for a sports event you may require a UK Visitor Visa and should read this information.
Posted On:  04/03/2009 20:33:21
The Notice of Race for the 2009 Raceboard and IMCO World Championships is now published.

The championships form part of the 72nd edition of Warnemuender Woche, a long established and prestigious multi class regatta. This is a great sailing location and the organisers, supported by the DWSV, are working full power to deliver a memorable event.......( more )

Posted On:  22/02/2009 21:38:09
Over 100 competitors registered for the 2009 Med Cup hosted by Le Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge, Marseille, over the weekend 20th to 22nd February. A large fleet of raceboard youths was joined by a strong team from Great Britain.......( more )
Posted On:  15/02/2009 21:05:03
The 2009 South American Championships for Techno293, Raceboard and Formula Windsurfing classes will take place from 20th to 24th March in Mendoza province, Argentina. ......( more )
Posted On:  09/02/2009 18:17:42
The event will be held July 6-11, 2009 in Warnemunde Germany on the Baltic Sea. Just prior to the world championships July 4-6, 2009 Open International German Championships for the Classes RS:X and Raceboard will be held at the same location.  For all events there will be age groups for -20, -35, 35+, 45+, 55+ and the first time also 65+. ......( more )
Posted On:  30/01/2009 16:30:59
The Notices of Race are now published for both the European and World Youth & Masters Championships. Two very important reminders for competitors, parents and coaches. ......( more )
Posted On:  21/01/2009 21:14:48
. . . has been confirmed for March 20th to March 23rd in Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina. This mega, festival, event will incude the continental championships for 3 classes: Formula, Raceboard, and Techno293. ......( more )
Posted On:  21/01/2009 13:43:44
The world is waking up to the possiblities and opportunities for raceboard racing!  Perhaps it should be "re-awakening". ......( more )
Posted On:  19/01/2009 16:15:53
The Australia Day Weekend, 23rd-26th January, will see the inaugural Longboard Windsurfing Festival happening on the East Coast of Australia. ......( more )
Posted On:  16/01/2009 17:54:04
The Med Cup is scheduled on 21 & 22 February in Yacht Club Pointe Rouge - For T293, Raceboard Junior and Raceboard classes or series. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/12/2008 17:43:31
Windsurfing NSW & LBWS present the 2009 Oceanic Raceboard Championships at Illawarra Yacht Club. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/10/2008 13:09:56
To owners of the Phantom Race 380 serial numbers #040 and above, ......( more )
Posted On:  09/10/2008 10:38:11
Competitors are reminded of the new requirements for sail numbering which will apply from January 1st 2009: ......( more )
Posted On:  22/08/2008 17:25:54
Windsurfing NSW & LBWS.com.au presents the 2009 Oceanic Raceboard Championships at Illawarra Yacht Club. ......( more )
Honk Kong Open Windsurfing Championships 2008
Posted On:  20/08/2008 12:47:48
19-24 November 2008 - Stanley Main Beach, Stanley, Hong Kong - Notice of Race
Posted On:  16/08/2008 20:46:49
The Sopot Junior, Youth & Masters Festival of Windsurfing has turned out to be a great event with 257 sailors competing in Techno293 and Raceboard classes. The windsurfers main goal being the Raceboard European Championship title and World Championship titles in Techno293, Raceboard Youth & Raceboard Masters fleets. ......( more )
Posted On:  15/08/2008 21:52:01
Another two races for all fleets today, the penultimate day of racing in the 2008 Sopot Windsurfing Festival.  Just a bit more wind would have been good, especially after the gluttony of last night's barbecue, but it remained tantalisingly light. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/08/2008 21:56:21
Paco Wirz has broken the tie with Max Wojcik at the top of the Raceboard Europeans leaderboard today, despite scoring his worst result so far in race 5, and has gained a three point lead.  ......( more )
Posted On:  13/08/2008 14:12:20
Race 4 means 1 discard.  Paco Wirz now shares the top spot with Pole Max Wojtek, both on 4 points and 5 points clear of their nearest rival Radim Kamensky from the Czech Republic. ......( more )
Raceboard Europeans, Youth & Masters Worlds - Race Day 3
Posted On:  13/08/2008 13:34:58
Paco Wirz of Italy has won race three with 56 year old Gunans Rozenbergs from Latvia second and Radim Kamensky (CZE) third.  Paco is also at the top of the Masters Fleet whilst Brit Alastair Masters leads the Youth Fleet.  The experience of the older guys shows as Alastair is 15th overall!

We await the results of race 4 . . . stay tuned!

Raceboard Europeans, Youth & Masters Worlds
Posted On:  12/08/2008 17:55:33
Sadly no wind on day two, so no racing!
Posted On:  11/08/2008 16:13:15
Almost 60 competitors from eleven European nations, together with a guest from the USA, have registered for the 2008 Raceboard European Championships taking place at the Sopocki Klub Zeglarski, Sopot, Poland this week.......( more )
International Raceboard Class Annual General Meeting 2008
Posted On:  07/08/2008 14:30:01
Thursday 14th August 2008, Sopot, Poland - scheduled to start at 20.00hrs.  The detailed location of the meeting room will be published on the event official notice board.  Agenda

Posted On:  30/06/2008 17:08:50
Sailed with 7.5m, 5 races in three days. First race wind was 12-25 knots, dropping to 4-13 knots for second to fourth races. The last race was only one upwind leg (high factor of luck).
Posted On:  28/06/2008 10:53:04
The 2008 AGM of the Raceboard Class will be held on Thursday 14th August during the Worlds in Sopot, Poland. ......( more )
Bic Hybrid charter for Raceboard Youth Worlds
Posted On:  28/06/2008 10:36:08
Ten complete board and rig packages from Bic Sport have been made available for charter by competitors entering the Raceboard Youth World Championship in Sopot.
Application for charter should be made to the Secretary  as soon as possible, at the latest by 23rd July. 
Raceboard Europeans added to Sopot JYM Festival
Posted On:  28/06/2008 10:28:00
An "open" division, for sailors aged between youth and masters categories, has been included in the schedule of events for the forthcoming Sopot Junior Youth and Masters Festival.
The Notice of Race has been amended to incude the Raceboard Europeans; and the deadline for online entry extended.
Campeonato Abierto de la Republica - Ranking Nacional 2008
Posted On:  19/06/2008 10:22:55
Last April the Open Championship of Argentina 2008 took place here in Mendoza. It was the first date of The National Shedule. There were 83 participants - we were visited by sailors from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.


Posted On:  15/05/2008 13:25:47
New rule, valid from January 1st 2009 till December 31st 2012, as approved in ISAF Submission: 228-07
Posted On:  15/04/2008 12:52:48
Civitavecchia in pictures
Posted On:  31/03/2008 10:13:44
For video and photo gallery from the event go to
Many thanks to Vincenzo Baglione from the Albaria Club in Mondelo,Sicily, who has once again generously let us use his photos. He more than deserves a plug for www.albaria.com and this year’s World Festival on the Beach

You will also find a report and more photos via the host club (the Lega Navale Civitavecchia) website or via the following link:  http://www.lnicivitavecchia.it/Quadri_Int/Camp_EU08.htm

Congratulations also to French duo and regular competitors at class championships - Bernard Buren (FRA 1881) leading grand master and Jean Asia (FRA 171) as first placed in veteran division.

Posted On:  29/03/2008 18:36:56

With perennial men's and women's champs Dennis Winstanley and Karen Constable taking this year off, the 2008 Windsurfer One Design championship on the Gippsland Lakes was always going to be hotly contested. The only problem was the Victorian government, which put up "no windsurfing" signs and warned of dangerous algae.

Posted On:  29/03/2008 18:31:09

Arguably the Exocet produced "Kona One" started the longboard revival which has seen a number of other manufacturers follow. The Kona has quickly gained popularity and momentum as an all weather cruising board and as a One Design Class in its own right. LBWS thought that it was timely to investigate the board . . .

Civitavecchia Final
Posted On:  24/03/2008 22:30:30

Sadly that's it, no more racing at Civitavecchia, so Sunday's three races constitute the Championship.  Marco Baglione and Paco Wirz are therefore Youth and Masters Champions.

Final Results

Posted On:  24/03/2008 08:25:43

Italian Marco Baglione has established a clear lead in the Youth Fleet with three bullets as storms have now subsided to allow three races on Day 2 of the Raceboard Youth and Masters Europeans at Civitavecchia.......( more )

Posted On:  23/03/2008 10:08:10
Notice of Race - CAMPEONATO ABIERTO DE LA REPUBLICA 2008, 1ra Fecha, Ranking Argentino de Windsurf 2008, Potrerillos, Mendoza, Del 27 al 30 de Marzo de 2008
Posted On:  22/03/2008 09:51:04

Competitors were warmly welcomed by the city of Civitavecchia during the opening ceremony following a colourful parade through the town.  7 countries are represented in the Raceboard fleets: ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, ITA, SUI and SVK but the overall competitor list, including techno sailors, numbers some 163 so it is a fantastic turnout.  Click here to view full entry list.......( more )

Posted On:  16/03/2008 17:56:02

Raceboard masters arrive in Civitavecchia, near Rome, this week for the eagerly awaited 2008 European Championships.  This early season event gives the opportunity for rivals for this year's world titles to test the strength of the opposition!......( more )

Posted On:  13/03/2008 20:27:00
The Notice of Race for the SOPOT Junior, Youth and Masters Festival of Windsurfing has now been published. This event includes the World Championships for Techno 6.8 and 7.8, Raceboard Youth and Raceboard Masters.......( more )
Posted On:  03/02/2008 21:11:50
A limited number of Bic One Design Hybrid boards, complete with the new OD 8.5 rig, are available for charter to raceboard youths wishing to attend the forthcoming European Championships in Civitavecchia from 20 to 24 March.......( more )
Video of Raceboard Worlds Argentina 2007
Posted On:  31/01/2008 14:25:10

Patrik Pollak SVK1 has recently posted this video of the Raceboard Worlds held in Argentina 2007 on YouTube.  Sit back and enjoy!

Part One 
Part Two

It will be available in higher resolution on his website at a later date.

Posted On:  07/01/2008 10:30:14
Posted On:  06/01/2008 00:00:00
The XXVII Argentinian Windsurfing Championship was held from December 5th to 9th in the Rio de la Plata waters. The organization of the Event was headed by the Metropolitan Windsurfing Association (MWA), Peru Beach Board Store and the Argentinian Association of Sailing Boards (AASB). Audit was performed by the Argentinian Yachting Federation (AYF).

These are the 2007 Argentine Champions: Fernando Consorte, Guillermo Zerga, Gustavo Idoyaga and Jose Bandoel.......( more )
Civitavecchia On-Line!
Posted On:  01/01/2008 12:13:58
The event web site www.trecc2008.it is now live!  Go visit for all the information you need for the Civitavecchia Festival of Windsurfing in March.
NoR published
Posted On:  31/12/2007 10:00:54
The Notice of Race for the 2008 Junior, Youth and Masters European Championships taking place at Lega Navale, Civitavecchia, Italy from 20 to 24 March 2008 has now been published.  Event information and links can be found on the competition page.
Posted On:  17/12/2007 11:24:36
Congratulations to James Grunfelder on winning the 2007-08 Aussie Raceboard nationals.  Great to see so many people, especially the next generation of racers enjoying such a great event.  Results, report and photos on the Windsurfing NSW website or view the post event newsletter here.
Posted On:  10/12/2007 10:32:20
Posted On:  30/10/2007 06:31:38

Lega Navale, Civitavecchia will host the 2008 European Championship for Techno 293 (junior racers) and Raceboard Youth and Masters.

IWA Executive Secretary, Ceri Williams, has just returned from a visit to Italy to conclude the contract and discuss arrangements for the event with Marco Corti, Club President, and members of his organising committee.

Posted On:  10/10/2007 05:59:34

A couple of enthusiasts in Australia have recently launched a website called LBWS - longboard windsurfing. The site aims to provide a forum for longboard enthusiasts from around the world to come together to discuss longboard windsurfing. Check it out!

Posted On:  09/10/2007 10:46:05
Mariano Reutemann takes the World Champion title!
Finally, the blue and white flag fluttered timidly to indicate that the Raceboard World Championships Potrerillos 2007 had reached its conclusion and gave the Championship title to Argentinian Mariano Reutemann.......( more )
Posted On:  07/10/2007 11:40:04

Now ten races have been completed.  Argentinian Mariano Reuteman seems secure at the top on his Phantom 380 as his nett points equal 13, a full 27 points ahead of his nearest rival.  ......( more )

Raceboard Worlds 2007
Posted On:  05/10/2007 11:03:13

Another two races have been completed making eight so far and what a difference a day makes, particularly for Brazilian Paulo Dos Reis who has slipped down to third place, a position shared with Patrik Pollak and Martin Berardo from Argentina sailing an Equipe.  Pierre Loquet's (FRA) third and second have lifted him to second place overall.  Mariano Reuteman has strengthened his hold on the top position by adding another two bullets.

Patricia Castro and Demita Vega shared the day's honours by taking one first and one second each so Patricia maintains her four point lead.

Posted On:  04/10/2007 10:54:43

67 competitors from 10 countries, 3 continents, have registered in Mendoza and perfect conditions have enabled 6 races so far.  One discard now comes into play.

Lightweight Mariano Reutemann (ARG 8) leads the overall results on his Phantom 380.  ......( more )

Raceboard Worlds 07
Posted On:  02/10/2007 12:10:29
Competitors are registering before the start of competition in beautiful Mendoza.  Stay tuned for more news, or visit the event website
Posted On:  15/09/2007 23:11:58
The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 5 September 2007 have now been published
Formentera Worlds 2007 - Final
Posted On:  08/09/2007 09:10:44

A further 2 races on the last day to complete a full series of 12 races for all fleets.

A great end to a successful championship. The organiser, Asier Fernandez, and his team, backed by the island authority and Balearic Island government, have delivered a memorable event at the first attempt.

Full results

Posted On:  08/09/2007 08:33:07

Notice of Race has been published for Tallinn Week, September 21st- 23rd 2007, Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre.

For accommodation we have offer ......( more )

Posted On:  04/09/2007 08:49:34

Over 200 competitors from 14 countries, representing 3 continents, have converged upon the beautiful island of Formentera for the 2007 Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships......( more )

Aviso de Regatas
Posted On:  03/09/2007 11:10:17
8 Fecha "CAMPEONATO ANUAL 2007 A.M.S.V" - 15 y 16 de Setiembre - Sede: Guarderia Puerto Tablas" - Notice of Race
Posted On:  22/08/2007 11:18:47

RSCC Chiemsee will be happy to welcome you to the following back to back / parallel races End of September:

Bavarian Masters
28 September 07
(Raceboard 7.5m/9.5m, Formula)

Chiemsee Insel-Marathon
29-30 September 07
(Open Class, RS:X, Raceboard 7.5m, Raceboard 9.5m) ......( more )

Posted On:  07/08/2007 10:55:44
Posted On:  18/07/2007 19:52:07
Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class to be held on Wednesday 5 September 2007 in Formentera, Spain.
Posted On:  13/07/2007 12:52:38

Official notice for all Competitors attending the Championships in Formentera. ......( more )

Due to popular demand . . .
Posted On:  12/06/2007 13:03:31

Grand Master and Veteran divisions have been added to the prize categories for the 2007 Raceboard Worlds.  The event organisers have responded to requests from "committed" raceboarders around the World to add these divisions - such is the attraction of the venue and the infectious enthusiasm of Argentina's racers!

Posted On:  11/06/2007 13:18:21
Accommodation......( more )
Posted On:  04/06/2007 13:40:25
Posted On:  02/06/2007 16:55:44

French competitor Antoine Bonnet scored a perfect 4 wins to count out of five races for the longboard fleet during the North sea Cup event held on 12/13 May in Ostend, Belgium.......( more )

The NoR for Worlds in Argentina is now published
Posted On:  17/05/2007 15:05:02

The 2007 Worlds will take place on Lake Potrerillos, near Mendoza City, Mendoza Province, Argentina, from 1st to 7th October.

Located near to the Andes mountain range the Lake is superbly located and, fortunately, it is blessed with consistant thermic winds.

The organisers, Asociacion Mendocina de Windsurf, are regular visitors to Raceboard championships and know what is required to host a truly memorable event.

In addition to a great location they are offering free accommodation for all competitors.

Notice of Race, entry forms and some info about the City of Mendoza now available.

Posted On:  12/05/2007 17:38:46
Posted On:  11/05/2007 10:44:09

ASA Israel and the Israel Yachting Association are pleased to announce the 23rd International ASA Windsurfing Championship & the 13th Winter Games to be held at Eilat, Israel from 24-27 February 2008. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/05/2007 09:35:39
North Sea Cup 2007
Posted On:  04/05/2007 10:20:02
Racing for T293, Raceboard, Hybrid, RS:X together with FW and FE takes place at Oostende, Belgium over the weekend of 11/12 May.  View Notice of Race and event poster.
Posted On:  26/04/2007 11:42:57

16th May until 20th May 2007 in Mondello, Palermo, including:

2007 World Festival On The Beach 16-20 May
2007 Nation Cup 16-20 May
2007 Sicily Grand Prix International Race 19-20 May......( more )

Posted On:  20/04/2007 20:34:42

Yesterday, 18th, a perfect sunny day on the Cote D'Azur - but unfortunately NO wind.

But today, at last, the wind arrived; time to finalise 2 races for men and one each for women and youth.......( more )

Posted On:  19/04/2007 11:13:30
Posted On:  17/04/2007 19:57:47
Two races today, except for the women's fleet, and enough races completed for a valid championship. ......( more )
Bandol race report - day 2
Posted On:  16/04/2007 18:39:18

A beautiful, sunny day here on the Bay of Bandol . . . but, sadly, no wind!

It looked for a short while, during mid afternoon, that a sea breeze may arrive, and the Race Officer prepared to call out the sailors.  However, it was not to be.So no results today; instead view the Equipment List - who is using what board and sail.

Posted On:  16/04/2007 18:10:19

Per Andersson gave much to the Raceboard Class through his involvement in the Starboard and Severne development programmes.  We were extremely sad to hear of his passing in Thailand at Easter.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Posted On:  16/04/2007 10:58:05

A difficult first day for both the race committee and the competitors!......( more )

Posted On:  15/04/2007 11:54:40

Racing has started at the 2007 Raceboard Europeans in the Bay of Bandol, situated on the beautiful Cote D'Azur, Southern France.......( more )

Posted On:  11/04/2007 16:39:54
Raceboard Youth and Masters
Posted On:  09/04/2007 10:39:02

Notice of Race has now been published for the Raceboard Youth and Masters Championships taking place in Formentera, Spain from the 1st to 7th September 2007

Posted On:  15/03/2007 19:26:31
From the 8th to 11th of March the "Open Championship of the Republic" was hosted by the Asociacion Mendocina de Windsurf (AMW) on Potrerillos Lake, near Mendoza in the Argentine. ......( more )
22nd Calema Midwinters
Posted On:  06/03/2007 13:11:52
.... Popular Raceboard Venue!  The Calema Midwinters is one of the few international regattas that attracts competitors from across all the "racing" classes - pro, olympic, amateur - and this year was no exception: Formula; Raceboard, longboard and hybrid; RSX, Prodigy and Kona.
The Raceboard Class was well represented - both longboard and hybrid - RSX, Prodigy and Kona.
Posted On:  04/03/2007 19:41:18
Posted On:  03/02/2007 16:39:51
Formentura 2007
Posted On:  02/02/2007 11:10:39
The Youths and Masters World Championships 2007 will be an event combined with the Techno 293 World Championships.  It will run from 1st to 7th September, in Formentura, Spain.  For a preview of the event, click here.
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