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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2001 AGM

Minutes of the 2001 Class Annual General Meeting


1-       Minutes of last year
2-       Approval of constitution
3-       Nomination of Class Committee
4-       Master's age limit

Felipe Bellini welcomed everybody and read the minutes of last year's AGM in Murcia.

Before passing to point 2 of the agenda, it was requested to identify those present who represented their national authority

The following members were accepted as representing their MNA.

Theo Don - NED
George Partos - HUN
Marc Cardon - FRA
Ezio Ferin - ITA
Augusto Garcia - ESP
Tak Sum Wong - HKG
Ceri Williams - GBR

Those members plus Felipe Bellini who had been nominated the Raceboard coordinator in the previous IWA AGM in Thailand, fulfilled the requirement of 8 votes.

Felipe Bellini then read the draft constitution which was approved unanimously.

Nomination of committee members

Chairman - Felipe Bellini 
Vice Chairman - Paul Leone
Technical delegate - Peter England
Members - Georg Partos
 - John Ellis
 - Augusto Garcia
 - Didier Flamme
Asian Consultative - Tak Sum Wong

The Class Committee was approved unanimously

The Master's age was discussed. Paul Leone proposed to leave this at 35 years of age as it has always been. The majority of those present agreed to retain the master's age at 35.

The minimum number of competitors to validate a world title was discussed.

It was agreed that a minimum of 5 competitors from 3 countries for the women's division and a minimum of 10 competitors from 4 countries for the men.

This decision is valid for the 2002 World Championship and may be revised in the future.

The meeting was closed at 1950hrs.

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